Is Buying Pixel 4 Worth it in 2023

Pixel 4 Introduction

Pixel 4 and 4 XL was the first Google phone to come with Face ID like iPhones and other android devices. These are the first google pixel version having a higher refresh rate screens. I will share my experience of using this phone for the past couple years. To all of you who are interested to know, I own the smaller Pixel 4 in white and that’s the exact same phone that I’ve linked below.

Is Buying Pixel 4 in 2022 is a Good Decision
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Pixel 4’s Hardware Performance

Pixel 3 was slowing down during the release of Pixel 4 and with the additional 2GB RAM along with a newer Snapdragon 845 chipset, it felt very fast and smooth to operate. This device also had a great color accurate IPS panel with 90 Hz display which enhances the user experience. Previous generation pixel devices such as Pixel 2XL and Pixel 3 had some dull display compared to the vibrant screen that Google gave in Pixel 4 series.

Look and Feel

As a physical object, it is beautiful and a similar leap in quality from the Pixel to Pixel 2 to Pixel 3. It does feel more premium than the 3. Comparing it to an iPhone 11 Pro, it looks and feels every bit as polished and premium. The camera bump is also much nicer looking than the one on the iPhone as the cameras are sort of hidden in the black glass. The Pixel 4 begs to be kept out of a case because the texture on the sides and back. It just feel so lovely, and the glass feels great when swiping in for the back gesture.

That said, I’ve put mine in the official fabric case, which I’ve loved on my previous Pixels too. The speaker quality is great with loudness and good bass, despite moving one speaker to front facing and two bottom firing speakers. Call quality has been great and reception has been comparable to Pixel 3 and Apple iPhone 11 Pro.

Google Pixel 4 in 2022
Google Pixel Phone

Pixel 4 camera

This device has a 12.2 MP camera and a telephoto camera on the rear and 8 MP selfie camera. Overall Camera performance is excellent with crisp images from both frond and rear cameras. It supports 1080p at 60 fps and 4K at 30 fps in video capability. Comparing to iPhone’s video capability, Pixel 4 doesn’t match up to the competition but still a decent video shooter. Google’s advantage is their AI play on the imaging and most of the photo or video issues will be fixed with a software update. Pixel 4 has a dedicated image processing chip that helps with its processing on images.

The “new” stuff. Motion sense is underwhelming but I feel like that is almost entirely the fault of marketing it, not the actual technology. Face unlock is insanely fast, and the ability for the phone to turn on the AOD when you are near, and start the unlock process when you reach for it, are magical experiences that just seem like the future. It honestly makes picking up and unlocking an iPhone feel old.

Battery Performance

Battery is just average in Pixel 4 when you have the 90 Hz display on for a long time. Pixel 4XL has a bigger battery thus providing a better screen on time. Android 12 improved the battery life a bit with its optimizations. But still with my Pixel 4, I have to charge my phone by evening. I tried to find a battery case for my device but couldn’t find any solid options.

Pixel 4 Hands On Video

What’s lacking in Google Pixel 4 

Pixel 4’s battery is sub par comparing to its competitors like Apple and Samsung. Apple’s iPhone 11 and newer models, Samsung’s S10 and newer models all have battery battery life. Considering 6GB RAM in Pixel 4 can get slowed down with newer versions of Android and at least a 8GB RAM would have put Pixel 4 in a sweet spot. A wide angle camera would be an excellent inclusion considering the release price of Pixel 4 but that’s not something a deal breaker as in general it has stellar cameras.


Pixel 4 has incredible performance which avoids the issues from Pixel 3. It has a beautiful, quality, unique design, a stunning screen, the best camera on a phone (even if that title is shared with the iPhone 11 Pro) and an adequate battery for most, especially those coming from a Pixel 2 or 3. The new Motion Sense hardware allows for a more intuitive phone experience that feels uniquely Google and futuristic.

Would it have been better with an ultrawide camera and a bigger battery? Yes, for sure. But that doesn’t mean what’s here isn’t great. I am super picky about phones and am looking forward to keep this in a way I haven’t felt since my original Pixel – the only Pixel I kept for a full year.

I’m happy to answer any specific questions anyone has who might be considering getting one, just let me know in comments.

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