Is Google Pixel Tablet Worth it?

Is Google Pixel Tablet Worth it?

Google’s foray into the tablet market with the Pixel Tablet has stirred curiosity, particularly among Android enthusiasts. But with a competitive landscape dominated by the Apple iPad and the ever-evolving world of budget tablets, is the Pixel Tablet worth your hard-earned cash? Let’s delve into its strengths, weaknesses, and who might find it most beneficial. … Read more

Replacing Your Google Pixel Battery: A DIY Guide (Proceed with Caution!)

Google Pixel Battery Replacement Guide

While newer Pixel models boast removable back covers, older Pixels are a different story. Replacing the battery in these models requires careful disassembly and technical know-how. Before diving in, consider the risks: If you’re confident and understand the risks, here’s a roadmap for replacing your Pixel battery: 1. Gather your tools: 2. Prepare your workspace: … Read more

8 Tips to Take Stunning Portraits using Google Pixel

Stunning Portraits using Google Pixel

Your Google Pixel phone packs a powerful camera capable of capturing breathtaking and stunning portraits. But unlocking its full potential requires going beyond point-and-shoot. Here’s how to transform your portraits from ordinary to extraordinary with your Pixel: 1. Master the Lighting Lighting is crucial for portrait photography. Natural light is often the most flattering, but … Read more

Google Tensor: Unveiling the Next Generation of Mobile Computing

Google Tensor

Google Tensor, the first ever custom-built system-on-chip (SoC) designed by Google Silicon, has arrived, promising a revolution in mobile computing. This groundbreaking chip marks a significant shift away from the traditional reliance on third-party processors and signals Google’s commitment to creating a more tightly integrated hardware and software ecosystem. Redefining Smartphone Performance using Google Tensor … Read more

Google Pixel vs iPhone : Which One Captures the Best Selfies?

Google Pixel vs iPhone

Google Pixel vs iPhone Selfies Under the Spotlight In the world of smartphones, two brands stand out for their exceptional camera capabilities: Google Pixel vs iPhone. These two tech giants have been locked in a tight battle for camera supremacy, with each generation of their devices pushing the boundaries of smartphone photography. But when it … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Print Photos from Google Pixel

Printing Photos from Google Pixel

Capture Your Memories in Vivid Detail: Print Photos from Google Pixel The Google Pixel, renowned for its exceptional camera capabilities, has empowered you to capture life’s precious moments with stunning clarity and vibrancy. However, simply storing these digital gems away in your phone’s memory doesn’t allow them to truly shine. Printing photos from Google Pixel‘s … Read more

Incredible Google Pixel Night Mode: Unveiling the Secrets Behind

Google Pixel Night Mode

The world of smartphone photography is constantly evolving, with new features and technologies emerging every year. In the realm of low-light photography, Google Pixel smartphones have consistently stood out, thanks to their impressive Night mode capability. In this article let’s demystify Google Pixel Night Mode. Google Pixel Night mode has garnered widespread acclaim for its … Read more

iPhone 15 vs Pixel 8: A Comprehensive Comparison

iPhone 15 vs Pixel 8

Should you buy iPhone 15 vs Pixel 8? In the ever-evolving realm of smartphones, two titans stand tall: Apple’s iPhone 15 and Google’s Pixel 8. These flagship devices have captivated the tech world with their sleek designs, powerful processors, and innovative features. But which one emerges as the true champion? Let’s delve into a comprehensive … Read more