Does HP Instant Ink Saves you Printing Cost

Have you heard of HP Instant Ink Program? If not, read this entire article which may help you save some of your printing cost. HP Instant Ink is a subscription program offered to compatible HP Printers. Once you subscribe you will be provided with HP ink cartridges and a monthly printing plan. Let’s discuss this program in detail below.

Does HP Instant Ink Saves you Printing Cost
HP Ink Cartridge

How Does HP Instant Ink Works

HP instant ink is a subscription plan for printing. Its not based on the amount of Ink but based on the number of pages printed within a time frame. In this subscription plan, once you enroll HP takes care of sending you the ink cartridges (both tri color and black). You need to have an eligible printers that is connected to internet and HP tracks the ink usage along with the number of pages printed in each cycle. You have to buy your own papers. I had a very good experience with my HP Envy 4520 printer. HP sends the ink cartridges well before it runs out and you can also recycle the old cartridges through HP.

How Much Instant Ink Plan Cost

HP instant ink has 5 monthly plans starting from $0.99 till $24.99. Below are the plan details explained.

Light Printing $0.99 Upto 15 pagesRoll up to 45 unused pages`
Occasional Printing$2.99 Upto 50 pages Roll up to 150 unused pages
Moderate Printing$4.99 Upto 100 pages Roll up to 45 unused pages
Frequent Printing$11.99 Upto 300 pages Roll up to 900 unused pages
Business Printing$24.99 Upto 700 pages Roll up to 2100 unused pages

HP Instant Ink Monthly Plan table

You can also buy additional set of 10 pages for $1. The light printing plan was introduced as a free plan back in 2017 and it was really cost saving plan for an user who occasionally prints. This plan can be changed or cancelled at any time without any additional cost. Your dashboard in the HP Smart app will help you keep track of the number of pages you’ve printed for the month.

Which Printers are eligible

Below are the list of eligible printers for instant ink program at the time of this article and HP keeps updating it.

HP Instant Ink printers list

Which Countries are eligible for this plan

HP Instant Ink is currently available only in the United States and Canada. Its available to any customer residing in a country within the European Economic Area. Also in Switzerland and the United Kingdom that provides a delivery address within following countries. Those countries are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Greece, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia and Bulgaria. HP is planning on expanding. You can check back HP website for updates on when HP Instant Ink will be available in other countries.

Final Thoughts

HP Instant Ink plan is mainly introduced to save costs and for a business plan users it can save up to $750 printing costs in a year. Most customers save on ink and many save up to 50% versus buying traditional ink cartridges. Instant ink cartridges hold more ink, use less packaging, and ship automatically. This brings down costs for HP too. So HP Instant Ink Plan is an excellent choice to easily scale up or down based on your printing needs. Hope this article was helpful.

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