How to Reduce Blue Light in Phones

Blue Light from Phones

In today’s world most of us are glued to our mobile phones and other digital platforms. It can be either for work, personal or just to kill time. But the ultimate truth is we cannot avoid these devices altogether. So here let’s discuss one important setting that helps you filter out the blue light emissions from iPhones and Android Phones. This will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Blue light and it’s effect

Sunlight has blue light just like our mobile and PC screens which will tell the brain to be alert and it’s the nature’s way of keeping us awake. So when you have more screen time later in the day these blue light emissions from screens keep you awake by reducing melatonin. So in most of the smartphones that came in last 4-5 years, manufacturers included a feature to reduce blue light by making screen look warmer.

How to Reduce Blue Light in Phones
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iPhone settings to reduce blue light

This feature is called as Night Shift in iPhones which shifts the colors of the display to warmer end of the spectrum. To enable this setting, you can follow the below steps.

  • Go to Settings
  • Then go to Display & Brightness
  • Under that, choose Night Shift
iPhone Settings for Night Sight
iPhone Settings for Night Sight

It can be scheduled from sunset to sunrise and based on your timezone, it will be enabled manually. You can also manually turn on and also do a custom time based schedule.

Android settings to reduce blue light

Android phones have even more easier way to enable the warm lights thus reducing blue lights. This can be done by the drop down control center from Home Screen. Then select “Night Light”. You can access this through settings and display just like in Apple devices. All scheduling options are same as iPhones where you can do sunset to sunrise, manual time based schedule or a forced on till next day. The intensity of this night light can be adjusted.

Android Night Light
Night Light Settings in Google Pixel

This option can be found in most devices like laptops, MacBook, iPads and other tablet devices. Steps to enable it are more or less the same as I explained in this article. Hope this is helpful to you, enable these settings for a good night sleep and a better healthy life.

Research shows blue light affects your sleep and reduces melatonin which affects the sleep. I would say it’s better to keep out of screens at least 2 hours before sleep. And if you cannot avoid it for various reasons, using it with Night Sight / Night Light enabled will help you to avoid the blue light effects to some extent.

Hope you found this article helpful and appreciate if you can share any thoughts or comments.

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