What is MyIR Mobile and How it Works

MyIR Mobile is a digital immunization app to review your and your’s families immunization record. It also helps you to get a reminder for your next immunizations. MyIR Mobile is in partnership with some of the State’s Health Department in United States. So through this app you can access the your official immunization record from your state’s records.

How to Sign up for MyIR mobile

What is MyIR Mobile and How it Works
Digital Records

If you are a resident on one of the participating states listed above, you can sign up through their website which is myirmobile.com. You will be asked to provide some personal information to identify you and then if your information matches to state records, you will get a code to your mobile number to complete the registration.

If your information doesn’t match through online verification, you may be able to link your records by visiting a participating pharmacy or a healthcare provider in your state.

Can you print immunization record from MyIR Mobile

Yes, you can use the app or through website can access and even print your official immunization records. This is a very handy feature so you can avoid a visit to doctors office to get these records for school admissions or other official purposes.

Which states currently support MyIR mobile

MyIR mobile is currently supported in 8 states in US – Arizona, Washington DC, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Dakota, Washington State and West Virginia. We can expect more states to sign up in the future as the access to digital immunization records are very helpful in many situations.

Final Thoughts

As the vaccination records are getting a lot of attention recently, accessing immunization records digitally solves a lot of problems. Getting the vaccination records from reliable state health records are vital as we’ve seen a lot of news about fraudulent records being created for travel purposes. As we progress in 2022, these kind of digital health services helps us in many ways.

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