Why Airpods Pro Still The Best

AirPods Pro Introduction

Airpods Pro is one of the most premium noise cancelling headphones in the market right now. Apple’s headphone market has grown really big in the last 5 years and it’s giving stiff competitions to other leading Manufactures like Bose and Sony.  To give an idea on how big Apple’s earphones business is to see their yearly revenue. Its headphones business brings in around $18 billion dollars yearly which is nearly Adobe’s and Uber’s overall revenue.

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AirPods Pro Performance

Previous generations of AirPods are very comfortable to wear and its connectivity with apple devices were great. However, when it comes to sound quality, AirPods 1st and 2nd Generation were sounding tinny, their audio quality was average for calls and sub-par for music listening. AirPods Pro changed that altogether with its excellent active noise cancellation earphones, tuned with ample bass and well-balanced sound profile.

Thanks to the silicone tips design as it enhanced the sound profile of AirPods Pro. Another important design change to reduce it’s stem size made it more popular. Earlier versions had a long stem which is kind of odd looking but AirPods Pro had a perfect sized and nice looking design.

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How AirPods blend with Apple’s ecosystem

AirPods Pro’s popularity is because of how well Apple integrates the earbuds with its other product line. Just open Air Pods from the case and it connects to your iPhone without any intervention and this is a game changer. This feature is enabled through their proprietary H1 chip on apple’s headphones. AirPods doesn’t pair very well with windows or android devices like it does with Apple devices. But once it connects the sound is as good as it sounds with Apple devices.

How Good is AirPods Pro Outdoors

AirPods Pro is fantastic to use outdoors and it’s one of the selling point of AirPods. They are sweat proof and it’s snug fit in the ears makes it a better choice for workouts and outdoor activities. With its different sound modes like Noise cancelling and transparency mode makes it an ideal choice of earbuds in the market. Not many wireless earbuds has a active noice cancellation feature and AirPods Pro does it like a charm. It’s a pleasure to travel with AirPods Pro as it cuts down most of the noise and let you enjoy your music.

It has a new feature called Spatial audio which gives a new experience of audio listening. But I couldn’t find enough content that uses spatial audio. Existing spatial audio contents gives a new level of audio experience. We can expect more content in the future with spatial audio.

Final Thoughts on AirPods Pro

Even with the newest release of AirPods 3rd Gen, I still prefer and recommend getting AirPods Pro. Its best features are the noice cancellation and a better sound profile. Cost difference between AirPods 3rd gen and AirPods Pro are not big. Apple has included a MagSafe charging case with refreshed AirPods Pro without much PR.

So getting a MagSafe supported AirPods Pro case is more convenient for charging using wireless charging pads. Currently it’s not supported for reverse charging with iPhones but we can expect that feature soon from Apple. Let me know why you like or dislike Air Pods Pro in the comments.  

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