How to check your iPhone’s battery health


iPhone’s battery health can be checked under iPhone settings. Most of you might already know how to check your phone’s battery health. This post is intended to new and not very tech savvy individuals. This is particularly handy when you buy any used phones from third party websites like Swappa, Mercari or even through Facebook marketplace.

What Does Battery Health Mean

Battery health in an iPhone shows how much of the battery’s original capacity is available currently. When you buy a new phone it will be showing 100% on battery health. Basically anything above 90% Battery Health is very good and should give you a decent battery life. Also this number makes different sense depending on which phone you got. For example, an iPhone 13 Pro Max’s battery health is not the same to an iPhone 8’s battery health as iPhone 13 pro Max has a bigger battery. This is relative to the actual battery capacity of your phone. So, battery capacity plays an important role on how long your phone can stay on.

Battery Health that has a number between 80-90% means its at a decent battery health but still you should not expect a longer screen on time. When it shows below 80%, it’s time to replace the battery as it won’t be reliable and the charge can drops drastically. Sometimes I’ve seen the battery drop from 30% to 0% within 5 minutes of use.

How to check your iPhone’s battery health
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To check the battery health of your iPhone, you can follow the below steps. 

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Battery and under Battery
  • Select Battery Health –> Maximum Capacity                   

Now you will see the Maximum Capacity on your screen. This value represents the battery health of iPhone.

how to check iPhone Battery health
iPhone Battery health

Battery Health Apps

There are some third party applications which can show the battery health. Foe example, Coconut battery is the app to check battery health for iPhones or other apple devices like MacBook and iPads. Similarly on Android side, there are many apps to measure the battery health and battery capacity. Let me know in comments if you would like to read more about the apps used to measure battery health.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to preserve the battery life of phones. Many follow some best practices on charging phones. You can also get a power banks or battery cases to extend the phone’s battery. Hope this article helps and gives you an idea about the battery health and here is the link for some of the good practices to improve battery health. Below is my video blog to show how to check battery health in iPhones.

How to check Battery Health in iPhones

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