2 Reasons why Dell XPS Better than MacBook

Dell XPS’s line up has been a stiff competition for Apple’s MacBook Pro for years and its one of the premium laptops running windows OS. You’ll find a 13-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch XPS models where its targeted at different segments and suits different groups. Let’s see how generally Dell XPS compares to MacBook in this article.

Dell XPS vs MacBook Pro hardware

2 Reasons why Dell XPS Better than MacBook
Is Dell XPS Better than MacBook

Generally, Apple enhances its device usability based on the software optimizations on its hardware. So, if you compare purely on specs Dell XPS mostly win as it always comes with latest Generation processors, memory and Storage. Apple on the other hand doesn’t use the latest intel chips on its line up of devices. Processors used in MacBooks may be a year or two older generation processors since 2020 where they introduced Apple’s proprietary M1 Chips. Speakers are way better in MacBook Pros as they sound with better bass and clarity compared to XPS.

2 Reasons why Dell XPS Better than MacBook
Dell XPS

In my experience Apple’s user experience and performance is slightly better than XPS even if processor is older in MacBook. Thermals are usually better in MacBook. Recent generations of XPS or MacBook doesn’t have many ports as devices become thinner, sleeker and get a more modern look. Both devices are USB-C powered devices and have a no-bezel screen.

MacBook Pro comes with a Retina display and XPS has different categories of OLED display of 1080p or 4K models. MacBook Pro display is more color accurate compared to XPS’s display. Dell XPS has a touch screen option at a higher price but there is no Touch version of MacBook yet.

Dell XPS vs Macbook: Operating System and Usability

Mac OS feels smoother than Windows operation system and Windows 11 is actually catching up with the User experience. XPS comes with Windows 11 Home version by Default and in some builds you can get a Windows Pro OS. In case if you like to get a Windows 11 Pro, there is an additional cost. Also Windows OS upgrades are usually every 3-4 years.

2 Reasons why Dell XPS Better than MacBook
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MacBook on the other hand gives you free MacOS upgrade every year. Keyboards and Trackpads are better in MacBook Pro for the last few years. Dell has been catching up in these areas and in 2022 XPS it has a better keyboard and trackpad. Privacy Features are better in MacOS so MacBook get a slight edge in privacy and security aspects.

Final Thoughts

Dell XPS laptops are great option for Windows users looking for a compact and premium laptop. Especially the 13-inch models are sleek and light weight for travelers and business users. It has a better screen and build than most other windows laptops but it comes with a higher price tag similar to MacBook price range.

Microsoft’s Software Products like Office 365 work better on Windows OS and more number of software are available in Windows platform. So if you’re mostly using Microsoft Office Products, XPS is a better choice. If there is no preference on OS or Software then MacBook would be a better buy for the same price as it has better performance especially on image and video processing and user experience.

Let me know your thoughts on dell Xps and why you think it’s a better laptop than it’s competitors.

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