Google Fi’s unlimited plan for $50

Google Fi is the phone plan provided by google and it’s very much affordable compared to other Major Phone Service providers in US. It also has some good features like coverage in other countries when you travel internationally. Google Fi offers data capped plans and unlimited plan and recently they’ve slashed the price of its “Simple Unlimited” plan making it a more attractive option to consider.

Google Fi Phones Plans in 2022

Google Fi’s Data capped plans starts at 20/month for 1 line and $10/GB data. Their “Simply Unlimited” plan was at $60/line earlier and it as been reduced to $50/line. Unlimited Plus plan is at $65/line. You’ll get discounted rates when you add more lines. These prices are very competitive compared to the Major Phone plans in United States. On top of that, you can buy mobile phones are a discounted price with some bill credit offers at times.

Google Fi’s unlimited plan for $50
Google Fi

Current Promotions at Google Fi

Currently Google Fi has a promotion of $500 off on Samsung’s latest Galaxy S22 series which is an excellent deal. Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are also on a discount of $200 off when you port in your number to Google Fi. The criteria to avail this offer is to port in your current number to Google Fi and stay with them for 120 consecutive days.

You will be offered the discount upfront unlike other carriers and in case if you don’t stay on Google Fi for number of days mentioned at terms and conditions, you will be charged for the discount offer amount. Key thing to note is even if you have their plan but swap your sim out of the device, the discount offer may not be honored.

One great thing about Fi over other major carriers is their promotions to existing customers. Most of the time, existing members get some discount for buying new devices where in other carriers all the promotions are targeted towards only new customers. For example, current Samsung S22 promotion for existing customers where they get a $300 off compared to $500 off for new customers.

Some Negatives with Google Fi

If you’re an iPhone fan you cannot buy any iPhones from Google Fi website. Their phone plans support iPhones though. You’ll have to bring your own iPhone and activate a plan through Google Fi. As it’s running on T mobile service you should check if the coverage is good before you switch. Also they don’t have any physical stores so buying phones can be time consuming due to shipping.

Also for returns and warranty, it goes through online chat support. Sometimes getting the issues resolved through their support team is cumbersome and time consuming. In one instance, one of my google pixel phone had an issue and it was hectic to get through their support and be approved for an RMA replacement. So, there are some of the cons with all digital companies in general.

Google Fi’s unlimited plan for $50
Google Fi Android Device

Which Network does Fi Use

Fi uses T-Mobile network in US and does have 5G support for selected devices. But you need ensure the mobile phone supports it. Currently some of the 5G android devices from Samsung and Motorola that’s sold in FI store supports 5G network. Last time when I use Fi’s service with my iPhone 12, 5G wasn’t supported and it got 4G LTE. It also uses US cellular network in some of the midwest areas.

Final Thoughts

If you want an affordable phone plan with some discounted Android phones , then google fi is a great choice. With their $50 simply unlimited plan it’s even more attractive to try out their service. Let me know your thoughts and comments.

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