Is Samsung S22 better than iPhone 13

In this article, I’m discussing how Samsung Galaxy S22 compares to Apple’s iPhone 13. As I was planning to upgrade my device I was doing some analysis on which one should I buy and found these 2 phones on my final list. These 2 Phones are well within my budget and I felt a good choice for my usage. I hope this will helpful for people like me who are planning to upgrade their phones this year.

Price comparison: iPhone 13 vs Samsung S22

Base variant of iPhone 13 which comes with 128gb of storage costs $829 and base model of Samsung S22 costs $799 in United States. Both of these phone comes with same storage option of 128gb. However you can buy the Samsung phones relatively for a better price as Samsung offers better trade in offers and freebies compared to Apple. So, with the price point I can still call it a “Tie” as both are at similar price point.

Is Samsung S22 better than iPhone 13

Features comparison: iPhone 13 vs Samsung S22

Both of these phones are high end smartphones in the market right now. iPhone 13 got released in late 2021 and Samsung S22 got released in February this year. Apple’s iPhone 13 comes with the powerful A15 bionic processor. This chip beats any smartphone right now in terms of raw processing power. iPhone 13 has only 4GB of RAM whereas S22 has 8GB of RAM. But when you compare the user experience both phones are very fast and fluid in day-to-day operations.

Samsung S22 has better Screen and Camera

Camera and the Screen are better in Samsung S22 hands down as S22 has a 120Hz fast refresh AMOLED 2 display with 1300 nits of brightness. iPhone 13 is not bad either as it has a LED display but its limited to 60 Hz which is not a flagship level display for 2022 standards. Both screens have vivid colors and latest screen protection features.

Is Samsung S22 better than iPhone 13

When it comes to camera, Samsung has given the same camera setup of S22+ to this year’s S22. So it has a 3 camera setup with wide angle, telephoto and macro features. Apple’s iPhone 13 is missing a wide angle lens which is present in high end models like iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. Regular video is better in iPhone 13 but when compared with overall features Samsung S22 wins the battle here.

iPhone 13 has Better Battery than Samsung S22

Samsung S22 has a lower capacity battery compared to last year’s S21. So with more powerful processor and a high refresh rate display its battery life has taken a hit. During initial reviews most of the users had a bad experience with its battery life. iPhone 13 on the other hand has exceptional battery life like usual and its a clear winner in battery test against S22. We have to wait and see if Samsung can fix S22 battery issues with Software updates.

Is Samsung S22 better than iPhone 13

Software Upgrades and Security Patches

Both of these devices are expected to receive a longer software support. iPhones usually get at least 5 years of iOS upgrades and regular security updates. Samsung has announced this year that its new line of devices with get 4 years of Android upgrades and security patches. This is a great news for Samsung fans as their promised software updates are better than Google. So it’s a “Tie” in this section as both devices are expected to get 4+ years of OS Support.

Final Thoughts on iPhone 13 vs Samsung S22

Considering all the above features, if you’re not tied to any particular OS then Samsung S22 wins this battle against iPhone 13. As you’re getting a better display, a lighter and compact form factor, better camera support and the slim look in Samsung S22, I would recommend getting it over iPhone 13.

Is Samsung S22 better than iPhone 13

But if you’re already an iPhone user or owning other Apple devices then its an easy recommendation to get iPhone 13 as it’s a solid choice with great OS, hardware and camera capabilities. Let me know which is your favorite among these two phones and the reason behind it.

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