How Good is T-Mobile Home Internet Plan

Starting October 2021, T-Mobile is offering its home internet through 5G. With the introduction of 5G, internet speeds have gone up and this is one of the perfect example to tap and expand 5G capabilities. With T-Mobile’s 5G home internet, 5G network of T-Mobile is converted to Wi-Fi signals using a capable router and provide internet to home. Let’s see this internet plans features and cost associated with it.

How Good is T-Mobile Home Internet Plan
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How does T-Mobile Home Internet works

When you sign up for this service, T-Mobile gives you a 5G Gateway device (it combines the capabilities of a router and a modem). This Gateway device will then converts the 5G signal to Wi-Fi and provides a Wi-Fi signal accessible by all devices in your home. You get the 5G Gateway device free of cost.

Download and Upload speeds from T-Mobile Home Internet

Most of the customers get over 100 Mbps of download speed but it varies depending on your location and how good T-Mobile coverage is in your area. T-Mobile gives a range of 35-115 Mbps of download speed and 6-23 Mbps of upload speed as of March 2022. This can be improved over time. As this is a wireless internet service, its not fair to compare the upload and download speeds of wired internet services such as Verizon Fios or Xfinity. There is no limitation or cap on the amount of data you use. However, T-Mobile website mentions it cannot be used for unattended data streaming usage.

How much does it cost for T-Mobile Home Internet

It’s priced at a flat fee of $50 with autopay for any new and existing Home Internet customers. For all the existing plans, T-Mobile will allow conversion to this new $50/month plan. If you don’t enroll in autopay, it’s an additional $5 which makes it $55/month. There is no service contracts or penalties for cancellation with this service. You are free to cancel T-Mobile’s internet plan anytime without any additional charges.

How Good is T-Mobile Home Internet Plan
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Also there is no device cost associated with this service as T-Mobile gives you the 5G capable Gateway which has inbuilt modem and router capabilities. For $50 a month, it looks like a decent internet plan with one caveat as you cannot upgrade to a higher plan. You can also get your money back if you don’t like this service and cancel it within first 15 days of activation.

Should you get this wireless internet service over Cable Internet

If you are someone who lives in an area where Xfinity or FiOS service isn’t available or you don’t have the usage for high speed internet can make use of this plan. 5G Home Internet speed mostly rely on the coverage from T-Mobile in your area. So, if your need is a high speed and reliable internet, a wired internet service would be a better option.

As this plan doesn’t have any contractual obligations like Fios/Xfinity and even provides a money back option, its definitely worth to try. Let me know your thought’s on T-Mobile’s Home Internet. Can this disrupt other traditional cable internet services in future? We have to wait and see how 5G capabilities evolve over time.

All FAQs about T-Mobile’s Internet plan can be found here.

Disadvantages of T-Mobile Home Internet

This being a wireless internet service, it’s speed will fluctuate based on the range you get in the area where you live. Also speed might vary based on the amount of data being shared around that region. So if you are someone who needs a constant and speedy Wi-Fi connection for your needs, this is not an ideal choice. Another major disadvantage is not having an option to upgrade download and upload speeds. With

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