Is 2022 iPhone SE with 5G worth it

In March 2022 event, Apple unveiled their new device line-ups such as Apple iPhone SE, green iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pros, iPad Air 5 and other devices. In this article, we will discuss on the New Apple iPhone SE. This is the cheapest iPhone you can get right now in 2022 and it’s one of the smallest iPhones too. It’s slim, light weight and packed with a lot of new features. Let’s discuss how good is the New 2022 iPhone SE.

What’s New in iPhone SE 2022

This year’s iPhone SE comes with 5G capabilities (this is not millimeter wave but sub-6 5G). This is a good upgrade as 5G started becoming a standard in all new devices. New iPhone SE features the powerful A15 bionic chip same as iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pros. This year’s iPhone SE has an additional 1GB RAM, so it has a 4GB RAM now. It comes with the same color options – black, white and red. Storage options haven’t changed with this year having same options. It has 3 options with 64gb/128gb/256gb of storage and I would recommend getting at least 128gb storage. Check out 2020 iPhone SE review here.

Is New 2022 iPhone SE with 5G worth it
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New 2022 iPhone SE Design

At first glance, you cannot differentiate this phone from last year’s iPhone SE or even from iPhone 8. There is no design changes with 2022 iPhone SE. It has the same 4.7inch LCD display which is of same resolution as previous generation. Good thing is all of your old cases from iPhone 6s/7/8/SE will fit with this year’s SE. Cameras are also the same with a 7MP front facing camera and 12 MP rear shooter. One important feature of iPhone SE 2022 is it’s gold standard fingerprint scanner from the older model iPhones. Home button still makes a difference even in 2022.

How much does the New 2022 iPhone SE Cost?

2022 iPhone SE is priced at $429 for the 64gb variant and additional $50 for additional storage variants. An iPhone with 5G and a A15 bionic chip for $429 is a great deal and the fastest phone for this price at this point. Photos and Video capabilities are great with the new iPhone SE and only drawback is night sight is still not available in SE.

Is New 2022 iPhone SE with 5G worth it
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This phone still has the great build, wireless charging, IP67 water and dust resistance. We can easily expect iOS updated for at least 4-5 years with the additional RAM and processing power. Battery is still smaller due to the slim design of iPhone SE but it’s better optimized.

Who should buy iPhone SE in 2022

This year’s iPhone SE is the same old design with refreshed hardware and 5G capabilities. This phone still miss the latest features like Face ID, LED and higher refresh rate display or a battery battery. Apple cuts these features to keep the cost low and it’s still a solid phone.

This is the phone for people who aren’t interested in all latest and greatest features. New iPhone SE 2022 is a solid buy in the mid range category with a sub $500 price point. As the 2022 iPhone SE comes with A15 bionic chip and 4GB of RAM, it can give you at least 4 years of use. There are lot of promotions going on with phone carriers which can bring the price even lower and making it as a great buying factor.

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