Mainframe Interview Questions 2022

Most Mainframe interviews comprises of questions around the real time projects you worked in the past, the challenges you faced and how you offered solutions for critical problems. In this article I would like to share some of the important Mainframe interview questions.

Mainframe Interview Questions and Answers

1. Explain DRDA ?

DRDA represents Distributed Relational Database Architecture. DRDA is an association convention for social data set handling which IBM and seller data sets use. It comprises of rules for correspondence between a far off social DBMS and the application.

2. What is WHERE Clause in DB2?

The “WHERE” clause segregates a component or column at whatever point it is utilized with a social assertion.

3 What is the need of running runstats in the test region?

It is for cleaning the default values off of the index segments. Since, in such a case that the sections have default values; then, at that point, the outcome probably won’t be a normal one.

Mainframe Interview Questions 2022

4. What is the use of secondary index in IMS?

It is a substitute way into any IMS data set. It tends to be utilized as a record to secure required information.

5. What is Foreign Key in DB2?

Unfamiliar keys are properties of a specific table having matching sections to an essential key in some another table. This outcomes in the development of a connection between the two tables. One tables primary key will be the foreign key of another table forming constraints.

6. Explain Deadlock in DB2?

At the point when two free cycles fight for similar asset or the assets saved by each other, it is known as a deadlock. – 911 and – 913 are the SQL codes for deadlock condition in a COBOL DB2 program.

7. What is the capability of DBCTL?

It is utilized to get to IMS documents for CICS Transactions and it is a location space. PSBs, DBDs, IMS records and ACBs are fixed into DBCTL for document access. Presently on the off chance that an IMS call is produced by a CICS program the handling gets moved to DBCTL to be conveyed, and the outcome is sent as answer.

8. How are TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 indexes unique?

TYPE 2 file is accessible for DB2V4. In this kind, the information pages get locked, however the file pages are not locked. Consequently, TYPE 2 record are quicker.

9. What are the various sorts of Table spaces?

There are three table spaces, in particular: Simple, Partitioned and Segmented

10. What is the benefit in De-normalizing tables in DB2?

It brings down the necessity for executing serious social joins. It additionally cuts the quantity of required unfamiliar keys.

Hope these mainframe interview questions help you in preparation for your interview. Good Luck with your interview and let me know if you would like to read more about specific mainframe topics. Refer to below post for COBOL interview questions.

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