Is Swappa Safe to Sell Phones

What is Swappa and Is it Safe to Sell Phones

Swappa is an online marketplace to buy and sell used and new iphones, android phones, MacBooks, Laptops, Smartwatches and other electronic gadgets. Swappa has 4.9 out of 5 Rating on Trustpilot. I’ve personally used to sell my used phones on Swappa and it’s a good experience. So, it’s very safe to sell it through swappa. You will better chances of selling at a better price in many other similar marketplace.

How Does Swappa Work

To sell a phone or any electronics that is allowed to list should be posted on Swappa website. When you list your item, you should put it in the right category and the exact condition. For example, iPhones are listed on Swappa with its model number, Storage, Color, Physical condition and IMEI.

Swappa also provides a free IMEI checker in their website.

You should also post images of the device for Swappa’s team to review and post it on the website. Swappa’s team verifies the listing against the images, check IMEI’s to check the phone’s eligibility status and things like pending payments with carriers.

How will you get paid after Sales

In Swappa all your transactions happen through PayPal. When you list the phone for a price, you’ll also include the shipping cost, insurance cost and exclusively a fee that swap charges for each sale. So a buyer will make a payment through PayPal and you’ll be paid immediately.

Is Swappa Safe to Sell Phones

As transactions are through PayPal, returns and buyer/seller protections are handled by them and not Swappa. Swappa just acts as a medium to connect buyers and sellers. If the sold products doesn’t meet the listed condition, PayPal allows the buyers to return it with 6 months. They also cover the return shipping cost.

What is Swappa’s Selling Fee

Apart from PayPal fees, Swappa listing fee is declared upfront when you do the listing. However the selling fees are very less compared to selling at other places like eBay. Below is a few chart of swappa and fee that eBay charges for a similar item.

Swappa Selling Fee Chart

Is Swappa a good place to buy used iPhones

Absolutely, Swappa has gently used iPhones and Android phones and you can ask all your questions to the seller. Also can check the condition of the phone through images before you buy. Your purchase is covered by PayPal protection so no need to worry of being scammed. Swappa does charge taxes based on the location from where you purchase so be prepared to expect the additional charges when you purchase a phone through Swappa.

Final Thoughts on Swappa

Swappa is a very good place to buy and sell used electronics and so far I never had a bad experience. Whenever a situation arises, Swappa’s customer support involved and get it sorted out. If you like to save some money and try a used phone, I would recommend to try out Swappa. Let me know in comments if you have any specific questions or your experiences with Swappa.

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