Is iPhone Better than Android


In this article, I would like to share my thoughts on how would I choose an Android or iPhone based on its strong and weak areas on each platform. I will try my best to keep it unbiased but if you feel one or the other seems to be better, then you’ve already made your choice. Both of these mobile operating system are great on their own strengths and have really improved over the years.

Is iPhone Better than Android Phone
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Where iPhones perform Better than Android

When it comes to brand value and more stable operating system, Apple and iOS are best in the business. iPhones have a clean and classy design, very intuitive and more user friendly than Android phones. iPhones just works the best out of the box and the learning curve to use the device is much smaller. iOS Apps are optimized to work the best on Apple’s devices and App store mostly filters out the rogue apps. Below are some of Apple Specific Perks you get with iPhones.

  • If you already own a MacBook or any other apple products, iPhone would be a better choice.
  • iPhone integrates very well with its family of products. This is termed as Apple ecosystem.
  • For example, air pods (Apple branded Headphones) works seamlessly with iPhone with an H1 chip for auto connection.
  • If you’re into fitness tracking, Apple watch is a serious contender or even the best in smartwatch arena and it works only with iPhones.
Is iPhone Better than Android Phone
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iPhones tend to have a better resale value in the market. If you are someone who regularly upgrade or change phones, iPhones are better choice as it gets you more money when you sell it back within a year or two. Android phones on the other hand drops its value very soon.

OS updates are guaranteed and apple easily supports their phone for at least 4 years of software updates. In general, iPhones are considered safe and add more privacy controls such as app tracking. These OS updates reach you on the same day of release unlike Android where manufactures releases on different dates.

Where Android phones perform Better

There are lots of choices when it comes to Android phones. There are excellent choices from Samsung, Google, OnePlus and other major brands. Android phones are feature rich and often has advanced features compared to iPhones. For example, features like night sight, text copy from images were already available in Android before Apple adapted those features. Android phones allows a lot of customization feature starting from icon packs, third party skins, custom ring tones and many other options where as apple’s customization is very restricted.

Android vs iPhone
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App choices are more in android as it’s an open source platform and lot of developers contribute to its strong app base. Cost of Android phones will be much lower and you can find in many different price ranges when compared to iPhones. However in recent times, flagship android phones from Samsung, OnePlus and Google are on par with Apple. Android phones easily communicates with other devices and data transfers using bluetooth can be done easily within Android or Windows devices. iPhones needs iTunes to communicate with devices like windows PC. USB-C ports which became a standard with Android phones which makes our lives easier.

What’s your Choice?

Both of these platforms have some excellent devices and I’ve used both Android and iPhones for the last few years. I personally enjoyed using different features in Apple and Android devices. It all comes down to personal choice whether you like the apple’s premium feel and features or the Android’s customization and freedom. Hope this article helped you to decide on which one to buy. I’d be glad to read what phone you ended up buying. Please share it in the comments. Cheers!

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