Squeeze Every Last Drop: Tips to Save on Your M1 MacBook Battery

Hey there, fellow MacBook Air traveler! We all know the struggle: you’re out and about, crushing deadlines or binge-watching your favorite show, and suddenly the low battery warning pops up like an uninvited guest. Fear not, battery-conscious friend! Here are some nifty tips to help your M1 MacBook Battery run longer than a marathon on a single charge:

M1 MacBook Battery
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Dim the Spotlight

Your screen is the biggest battery hog, so adjust the brightness to a comfortable level. Bonus points for using auto-brightness! Pro tip: Hot Corners let you set a corner of your trackpad to instantly dim the screen – perfect for those “oh no, presentation incoming!” moments.

Keyboard Lights Out (Optional)

We love the backlit keyboard, but it can be a battery drain. If you’re a touch-typist extraordinaire or working in a well-lit environment, consider turning it off.

App Patrol

Close those idle tabs and quit apps you’re not using. Even seemingly inactive apps can run in the background, siphoning precious battery life. Activity Monitor (found in Applications > Utilities) is your friend here – identify the sneaky power-hungry culprits and send them packing!

Wireless? Not Always

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are convenient, but not essential everywhere. Disconnect when you don’t need them, especially if you’re working offline or using wired headphones. Every little bit counts!

Power Nap, Don’t Hibernate

Putting your Air to sleep with Power Nap (Apple menu > System Preferences > Battery > Power Nap) lets it check for emails and updates while using minimal power. Hibernation, while deeper, uses more juice when waking up.

M1 MacBook Battery
Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

Location, Location, Location

If you’re not actively using location services, turn them off. They constantly scan for your whereabouts, draining the battery in the process. Irrespective of iPhone or MacBook, location is one of the big battery killer and its recommended to keep it off unless you really need it.

Optimize for Battery Life

Head to System Preferences > Battery and choose “Optimize for battery life.” This lowers performance a tad, but extends your unplugged time.

Optimized Charging Hero

This nifty feature (enabled by default) learns your charging habits and delays charging past 80% until you need it, reducing stress on the battery and extending its lifespan.

Bonus Tips on M1 MacBook Battery Tips

Keep your software up to date. Apple often includes battery optimizations in updates, so don’t skip those important downloads. Also never keep the charger plugged in if you’re not actively using it as it can deteriorate the battery health overtime.

Remember, these are just suggestions! Experiment and find what works best for your workflow. With a little tweaking, you can keep your M1 MacBook Air humming along, even when the nearest outlet is miles away. Happy adventuring, fellow battery warrior!

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