Can Pixel 6A be better than Pixel 5A

Google has been introducing the budget variant of its Pixel lineup every year since 2018. When Pixel 3A was introduced back in 2018, it was a huge hit. Pixel 3A was priced at $349 in competition with iPhone XR which was the budget iPhone released by Apple. Starting from there, every year Google released the budget versions of its flagship phones like Pixel 3A, Pixel 4A and Pixel 5A.

What to Expect in Google's Pixel 6A
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So in 2022, we can expect a Pixel 6A similar to previous years. Due to the pandemic, Pixel 4A and Pixel 5A were not released on time. But this year we can expect it to be released around May. There are rumors that a Pixel watch will be released along with Pixel 6A. It would be great if there is a Pixel watch that integrates closely with Pixel Devices.

Pixel 6A Hardware expectation

Pixel 6A most like will come with Google’s proprietary Tensor chip and a 90hz display as most manufacturers have moved to higher refresh displays. I would expect a boost in RAM with Pixel 6A giving at least the standard 8GB RAM which is very common in Android Phones in 2022.

Base Storage of 128GB is more likely similar to previous years and I wouldn’t be surprised if they introduce a 256GB variant for an additional $50. IP67 ratings for dust and water resistance should be present for sure but I’m expecting a IP68 rating with this year’s Pixel 6A. Display size would be somewhere between Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro and the camera unit most likely to mimic Pixel 6.

How Much would Pixel 6A cost

Apple is released the revamped budget device iPhone SE 3rd generation which would a direct competition for Pixel 6A. Last time when apple launched iPhone SE 2nd Generation it was priced at $399 where Pixel 3A competed with a price tag of $349. So, I’m expecting this time Apple may price it at $399 for the base variant and with a $50 increment on higher storage variants. So Pixel may price it at either $399 with slightly lower specs or a decent hardware priced at $449 similar to Pixel 4A 5G. As the newer phones are coming with high refresh OLED display and a decent processor, it’s expected Pixel 6A would be priced above $400.

Where to Buy Google Pixel 6A

Pixel 6A vs New iPhone SE 2022
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Google Phones are released through Google store (their official website) and with Google Fi – the phone service provided by google. Google Fi usually runs a good promotion during new Pixel phone launches and also during holidays. So, if you like to get it at a discount, you can check Google Fi for its promotions.

Unlike iPhones, Google Pixel is not widely available at all carriers so you can check for availability at specific carriers. I usually buy it unlocked and get the services from my choice of service providers. You can also find lucrative trade in deals at Google Store and with Google Fi during the launch of Pixel 6A. You may get a better trade in price for iPhones compared to other manufacturers.

Final Thoughts on Google Pixel 6A

Pixel “A” series phones are excellent mid range phones and Pixel 6A would be even better this year. I’m excited to see if Google can release pixel watches along with the new Pixel Phone which would be a game changer. Will the new phone comes with a tensor chip like Pixel 6 or will it be released with any other budget chipset, we’ll have to wait and see. Let me know what’s your favorite feature in Pixel phones and what’s the expectation with Pixel 6A.

Update on Google Pixel 6A

On May 11 there is a google I/O event during which the new Pixel 6A is expected to be announced and also possibly the new pixel smartwatch – the first smartwatch from Google directly. Will post a new article covering in depth analysis on the new pixel phone and possibly the pixel smartwatch.

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