Google introduced the new Pixel 6A at $449

In today’s Google I/O event, they introduced all new Pixel 6A and a series of other Pixel devices for 2022 and termed it as Pixel portfolio. Now Google offers Pixel watch and a Pixel tab to its range of devices. Google hardware has a range of devices including Mobile Phones, Laptops called Pixel book and Google buds. Now they are adding smartwatches and Tablet devices to its device family.

Google introduced the new Pixel 6A at $449

What’s New from Google Devices in 2022

Google introduced its budget phone of the year Pixel 6A which is powered with the same Tensor chip that’s currently in Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. It has interesting features and some enhancements like extreme battery saver, Magic eraser and the metal body.

Pixel 6a shares the same design like Pixel 6 including the iconic camera bar. It has a metal frame that is durable by design. You’ll also get the updated Material design in software that lets you personalize the look and feel. It lets you show off the colorful side. This years Pixel 6A comes in three phone colors: Chalk, Charcoal and Sage.

Why Pixel 6A is Best among Mid range phones

Pixel 6A will be a competition in this sector as most mid range phones doesn’t even stand a chance with tenson chip’s performance, exception software updates from Google on Day 1 and the best possible security on Android devices. Google’s camera system is next level and other phones cannot come close to its night photography, thanks to Google’s AI capabilities. 2022’s Pixel 6A comes with the same tensor chip that’s on Pixel 6 Pro.

All these options bundled with a great price will attract more buyers looking for mid range phones.

Google introduced the new Pixel 6A at $449
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Google Pixel 6A Features

Google’s strong areas like exceptional camera features are present in Pixel 6A. Some of the cool camera features are listed below:

  • Real Tone – it represents all skin tones evenly and look natural
  • Night Sight for better low light photography
  • Magic eraser to remove unwanted objects from images

It has the highly accurate speech recognition capabilities likes Pixel 6 Pro and also powered with Titan M2 for exceptional security features in Android Phone. Pixel 6a comes with an all-day battery that can last up to 72 hours when in the Extreme Battery Saver mode and it’s a first time feature in Pixel phones.

It has a 6.1″ 1080p G-LED display and it’s still 60Hz screen. Also it’s a step down from last year’s flagship Pixel 6 camera setup. It’s basically the same old 12 MP camera sensor that was on older pixels like Pixel 5 and Pixel 6.

Below are some of the specs of Google Pixel 6A

  • 128GB Storage
  • 6GB RAM
  • IP67 Water Resistance
  • In-Display Fingerprint
  • 4400 mAh Battery
  • 18W Charging
Google introduced the new Pixel 6A at $449
Google Pixel 6A

When is Google Pixel 6A available for Pre-order

Pixel 6A can be pre-ordered starting July 21, 2022 and it is priced at $449 like previous Pixel 5A or Pixel 4A 5G when they were launched. Google also announced their upcoming Pixel 7 phones later in the year around October time frame. They’ve also announced the most anticipated google pixel smartwatch which is set to release along with Pixel 7 phone. It’s going to be a game changer as the wear OS will closely integrate with Pixel devices and gives a better experience.

Final Thoughts on Pixel 6A

Google’s budget variant Pixel phone release timing is somewhat confusing. Because you will see a price cut the previous year’s flagship matching the price more or less of the budget midrange Pixel device released during Summer. So most of the buyers either wait till fall season to get the new flagship or settle with previous year’s flagship for a discounted price.

Google introduced the new Pixel 6A at $449

Unless Google offers new perks on the budget midrange phones that gets released during middle of the year, not many people would be interested in this purchase. Let me know your thoughts on Pixel midrange devices.

Update on Google Pixel 6A:

Google Pixel 6A is available for pre order now starting July 21 and it’s priced at $449. As part of the intro offer, Google store is offering free Google buds-A series earphones along with Pixel 6A pre order. Also you’ll find enhanced trade in value for most of your old phones. Considering you take both offers, it’s a great deal.

Top Reasons to Buy Pixel 6A

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