Why you should Buy iPhone SE 2020 now

iPhone SE 2020 Introduction

Apple iPhone SE(2020) is the second generation SE introduced in the year 2020 which was the last iPhone that came with a finger print sensor. The placement of its fingerprint sensor in iPhone is the best place to keep the sensor according to me. I really liked this in all previous generations starting from iPhone 6S. iPhone SE is really compact and a great size for one handed use.

Why you should Buy iPhone SE 2020 now
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iPhone SE Colors, Storage and Design

iPhone SE 2020 came in black, white and red colors and with various memory sizes ranging from 64gb to 256gb. Initially there was no 128GB storage option but in 2021 apple release iPhone SEs with 128gb storage option which is a nice spot for iPhone SE has a big chin with its outdated rectangular display when compared to current standards and a full HD LCD display which is bright and crisp. It has a solid build which feels premium in the hands. It’s design is same since iPhone 6 till iPhone 8.

Why you should Buy iPhone SE 2020 now

This design is staying the same since iPhone 6, followed to iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and eventually to iPhone SE 2020. Apple kept this design for a long time based on its popularity and most of its users are very comfortable with this design. In 2022, the bezels seems very outdated as manufactures moved to zero bezel all screen displays.

iPhone SE 2020 Specs and Storage Options

This Phone has a powerful A11 Bionic chip which has great processing power combined with its graphics processing capabilities. I never found any lag till date with most of the applications that I use daily. RAM Optimization is excellent in iOS so even with 3GB RAM on iPhone SE, it hardly lags and provides a smooth experience. Headphone jack is not present in this model so you have to use either Bluetooth or headphones with lightning connector.

It comes in 3 color variants – Red, White and Black in which White is my favorite. You can choose a storage option from 64 to 256GB. If you’d ask me, I’ll pick a 128gb which is a sweet spot.

Apple iPhone SE​ 2020
Apple iPhone SE 2020

The biggest drawback with iPhone SE is its small battery which doesn’t last more that 5 hours for screen time. So I have to charge at least twice a day for my usage. Best alternative is get some sort of battery case or if you carry power bank with you for a quick charge.

iPhone SE 2020 Unboxing

iPhone SE supports wireless charging and has IP rating making it a well rounded device with most of the recent features. It supports 4G LTE and I never had any connectivity issues during my usage. Speakers are excellent, loud and clear with a decent bass than most other competition.

Final Thoughts on iPhone SE

If you are someone who enjoys a small phone and not too tech savvy, you’ll really enjoy this phone. Its rear camera is excellent and it takes stunning images in good lighting. It might suffer in low light conditions and the front camera is just mediocre. Overall its a well rounded budget iPhone and will hold well in 2022 and beyond. It’s expected to receive iOS updates for next 3 years. Share your thoughts and comments on iPhone SE in 2022.

You can also check my YouTube video for a hands on feel of iPhone SE 2020.

iPhone SE 2020

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