5 Reasons to Buy Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch is the best smartwatch among all competitions when it comes to the perfect integration with your phone. Most of the smartwatches needs to be paired with mobile phones and you can get the notifications on your phone. Smartwatches track your steps, track your sleep and other physical activities. You can set specific goals for steps and physical activity and gives you reminders throughout the day motivating you to physically be active.

5 Reasons to Buy Apple Watch SE in 2022
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What I liked the most in Apple Watch SE

When Apple released Watch Series 7 during last fall, previous generation SE’s price got slashed and came to a perfect buying point for me. Currently it sells at $279 here in United States.

  • Apple Watch SE is 50mm water resistant and you can track your swimming and even route the map underwater which is a very nice feature.
  • Heart Rate monitor tracks for your irregular heart rhythm or an unusual high or low heart rate and notify.
  • Apple Watch SE can detect if you’ve taken a hard fall and connects you with emergency services if you’re immobile. Now fall detection is optimized for when you’re using the Workout app.
  • Sleep App tracks your sleeping patterns and you can schedule a sleep routine so you’re phone’s notifications will be muted.
  • Noise app notifies you when there is a high level noice that could affect your hearing.

Nice Features in all Apple Watches

Apple Watch very well integrate with apple’s ecosystem so you’ll get real time notifications. You can also take calls using the watch and not to worry where you left your phone. Apple Watch can also be used as a remote for your iPhone camera. Heart rate tracking and activity tracking are much accurate than its competitors. Bluetooth connection with the phone is very reliable. You can find a lot of third party bands for apple watches. Most bands fits for all generations of 40mm and 44mm face size. Watch OS updates are frequently.

5 Reasons to Buy Apple Watch SE in 2022
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Things that can be better in Apple Watch SE

  • Apple Watch Series battery is very mediocre and Apple Watch SE is no exception. Battery life hardly lasts a day even with normal use.
  • Apple Watches in general are priced higher than its competition.
  • Sleep Tracking could’ve been better.
  • Apple branded accessories are pricey but can find alternatives with third party manufactures.

Final Thoughts on Apple Watch SE

If you’re an iPhone user and who doesn’t want all new features, bells and whistles then Apple Watch SE is a great choice. It has a big bright screen, a faster processor, enough memory to run the latest Watch OS. It should easily run fine for at least next 3 years. Let me know which smartwatch you’re using and any thoughts if you’re using Apple Watch SE.

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