Is Mainframe Programming good to Learn in 2022

Introduction to Mainframe Programming

Mainframe is still a good technology to learn and master in 2022. It may sound old and dated technology but its definitely a good career for any programmer or application developer. There are still a lot of opportunities for a Mainframe Programmer as there is more skill shortage. Mainframe Skill Shortages are due to old programmers retiring and not many people are learning Mainframe Programming.

Is Mainframe Programming good to Learn in 2022
Mainframe Programming

Mainframe Programming Job Roles:

Below are some of the roles you can find in many companies specialized in Mainframe.

  1. Mainframe Admin
  2. Mainframe System Programmer
  3. Mainframe Application Developer
  4. Mainframe Production Support
  5. Mainframe QA/Mainframe Tester

Which Industry uses Mainframe?

Almost every industry uses Mainframe to process data. Its used by airlines, big banks, Health Care companies, Insurance sector and even Retail. Almost every other financial transaction touches the Mainframes at some point in its life cycle. So, learning mainframe opens a lot of career opportunities with top notch companies.

Many of the companies are lacking Mainframe talents and looking to hire people having Mainframe experiences. Some of the organizations even have Mainframe internship programs for the new graduates to encourage learning mainframe technologies and get a career with it.

Responsibilities of different Job Roles

As mentioned above, there are many roles that you can take up in Mainframe and each has its own responsibilities. Mainframe Admin and System Programmer mostly involves system side work where you do installations, roll ups, DR activities, Access related tasks.

Is Mainframe Programming good to Learn in 2022

Application Developers writes code to develop application programs and maintain existing code by enhancing it for system demands. Production Support roles involves monitoring, analyzing ABENDs, providing solutions, taking care of SLAs(Service Level Agreements). 

Mainframe Testers does most of the validations using Mainframe systems and relatively less coding working compared to other roles. They mostly write JCLs and automation scripts  for testing applications, writing SQLs for preparing test data and compare test results as part of validation.

Recently, due to the shortage of Mainframe developers, there is a good demand for this tech and developers are paid similar to modern technologies. Many companies need Mainframe developers or programmers to analyze the existing code, extract business logics to apply in their modern technology platforms,

Final Thoughts on Mainframe Programming

I hope these explanations help you understand the value in learning Mainframe programming. In my opinion it’s a good choice to learn Mainframe Programming and its relatively easy to learn comparing to other modern languages. Mainframe code are mostly written in COBOL which is Common Business Oriented Language and it’s easier to learn. Another big advantage is the Mainframe tech stack remain stable so there is no steeper learning curve like modern languages.

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