Google Pixel 5A on a Good Deal for $199

Discount on Pixel 5A

Great Discount going on Google Pixel 5A right now. Google Fi has discounted last year’s Pixel 5A to $199 which is $250 off from its original price. Google. pixel 5a is a great midrange smartphone released last year. It was released at the price of $449. We saw the price drop during last holiday season and it was priced at $399 during the holiday time. It was back to $449 at right now. But you can get it at a $250 off with Google Fi.

Google Fi Offer on Pixel 5A at $199

Google Fi Offers at $199 for existing and new customers. If want to get the $250 off on Pixel 5A then below are the terms and conditions.

  • You have to be a new customer and port in your existing phone number to Google Fi
  • Your new line should be active on Fi for 120 consecutive days and it you fail, you will be charged the discount back to your card on file.

How much does Google Fi plan costs

Google Fi’s cheapest plan to be eligible for this offer starts at $30/month with free talk time and 1 GB data plan. Each additional GB cost an extra $10. There are other 2 plans – simply unlimited and unlimited plus plans which are priced at $50 and $65 respectively. You can choose the pans accordingly your data needs.

Google Pixel 5A on a Good Deal for $299

Which 5G Network Does Google Fi Use

Google Fi uses T-Mobile’s 5G Network so you can check your area’s T-mobile network reception before switching to Fi. As Google Fi is a MVNO network, you may face de-prioritization of the bandwidth. It means if you are in a crown along with direct T-mobile customers, their network gets the priority and have higher speeds compared to Google Fi networks. They also use the network from US cellular in mid west regions.

Discount eligibility For New Customers

You’ll have to transfer and activate your number to google fi within 30 days after your sign up. There is another condition that you have to be on their full service plan for 120 days. You’ll get the $150 discount instantly when you switch. But if you don’t follow the eligibility steps, $150 will be charged back to your account. Also you cannot avail this offer if you’ve disconnected Google Fi service within last 180 days.

Eligibility for Existing customers

It’s the same eligibility terms as the new customers except the number transfer part which is only applicable to new customers. Most of the carriers gives new offers exclusively to new customers. But Google Fi did a great job here extending the mobile phone discount offers to existing customers too. In many cases, it may not be the entire portion of discount to existing members. For example their current offer on Samsung S22 is $500 off for new customers and $300 off for existing customers.

Google Pixel 5A is $299 Now
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Other restrictions from Google Fi Offer

It’s limited to one per person on a individual plan and one for each person in a group plan. Offer is valid only for U.S. residents who are 18 years or older. It requires Google Pay and Google Fi accounts. You also should remember if you swap SIM cards or in anyway the phone is not active on the same number used for purchase, this discount offer will be deemed void.

Final Thoughts on Pixel 5A

Last year’s great midrange phone at $199 is a good deal even considering a 120 day lock in period with Google Fi is reasonable. So, it’s a very good buy at this price point. Google Fi doesn’t mention regarding how long this promotion is available.

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