Is Apple iPhone XR a Good Choice in 2023

iPhone XR in 2022

Apple iPhone XR is the best value for money among iPhone line up. Let’s discuss why it’s a good value phone in 2022. First and foremost, the price of iPhone XR has gone down with the release of newer iPhones like iPhone 11 and beyond in last couple of years. iPhone XR’s performance is still solid in 2022 with its newer iPhone features, decent camera quality and a very good battery life. Comparing to its current price against the newer ones makes it a great value phone in 2022.

Should you Buy an Apple iPhone XR in 2023
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Apple iPhone XR Specs and Models

The Apple iPhone XR runs on a 64-bit hexa-core processor and an M12 co-processor along with 3GB RAM. This combination is seated upon an Apple A12 Bionic chipset and an Apple GPU four-core graphics. This powerful setup allowing the user to run games and applications smoothly which still works the same in 2022. iPhone XR is powered by a 2,942mAh Li-ion battery that lasts throughout the day.

It supports quick charging and wireless charging features which can refill the battery is less time. The dual-SIM device offers various connectivity features like Wi-Fi 802.11 a/ac/b/g/n/n 5GHz MIMO, Bluetooth v5.0, A-GPS, NFC and a lot more. iPhone XR storage options starts from 64GB up till 256GB and comes in 6 different color options – Black, White, Red, Orange, Blue and Yellow.

LCD Display and Camera Setup

The Apple iPhone XR shines with a great IPS LCD display of 6.1-inch. Display with a screen resolution of 828 x 1,792 Pixels and a pixel density of 324ppi. This resolution was very much criticized when the phone got released as the android counterparts were releasing phones with quadHD displays. But in reality iPhone XR’s display wasn’t that bad in real life use case. It looks bright, vivid and normal to the eyes while the phone is in use. Starting iPhone 12, Apple stopped using LCD screens even on its base models and included LED panels on all variants starting from Apple mini to its high end ProMax versions.

Should you Buy an Apple iPhone XR in 2023
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Face ID in iPhone XR is fast and detects face even in dark conditions. Apple offers a decent screen with some level of scratch resistance along with dustproof and water resistant IP67 technology.

The device sports a superb 12 MP rear camera with features like Back-illuminated sensor, physical aperture f1.8, Quad LED true tone flash and a lot more that helps the user to shoot photos and videos with unmatched clarity. The front camera on the device is 7MP with a Back-illuminated sensor and a Retina flash. One downside in iPhone XR camera is the lack of portrait mode on objects. Also it doesn’t have the night sight which is one of the best feature in iPhone 11 and newer iPhone models.

Apple iPhone XR’s Battery Life

iPhone XR when it was released had a great review on its longer battery life. That holds good till today as it’s having a LCD display and a more optimized iOS15, it easily lasts whole day. However if your phone’s battery health is less than 80%, it may not get you through the day. It costs $79 to replace iPhone XR’s battery through apple service. Also I found some performance boost after replacing its battery with a new one.

iPhone XR in 2022 Hands on Video

Final Thoughts on iPhone XR in 2022

Apple iPhone XR has great build, reliable face ID, decent battery and software support for at least for next 3 years. It’s still fast, it has capable camera that takes excellent photos in good lighting and above par video capabilities easily challenging most new android counterparts. You can also buy iPhone XR as renewed or refurbished to reduce its cost and enjoy the benefits of a iPhone and apple ecosystem. Feel free to share your experiences or thoughts on iPhone XR in 2022 and beyond.

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