Top 3 Reasons to Buy iPhone 13 Pro Max in 2023

Apple released iPhone 13 Pro Max during last fall along with its other models. Apple released iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. Top of the line is iPhone 13 Pro Max which has the biggest screen and battery. I would like to discuss 3 Main aspects of iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Key improvements in iPhone 13 Pro Max

This phone has the newest A15 bionic process with its new graphics unit. It has 6GB RAM and the storage options can go up to 1 terabyte. Speakers are excellent and Face ID is fast and reliable. But It all comes down to 3 main aspects – Display, Camera and Battery where this phone is different from regular iPhone 13 and the previous year’s iPhone 12 Pro Max.

3 Reasons to Buy iPhone 13 Pro Max in 2022
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iPhone 13 Pro’s Super Retina Display

This phone has a 6.7” all screen OLED display. Apple terms it as Super Retina display which is 2778‑by‑1284-pixel resolution at 458 pixel density. It has a smaller chin compared to last years model. It has 1000 nits max brightness (typical) and 1200 nits max brightness (HDR). Display is very bright in outdoors and well adaptive to indoor lightings.iPhone 13 Pro Max has ProMotion technology with adaptive refresh rates up to 120Hz.

To explain it better, it’s refresh rate will go down till 10Hz if it’s a still image on display to save battery. If you’re scrolling through the screen it will adapt to a higher refresh rate to render smoother display. Some third party apps are still haven’t updated to use apple’s Promotion technology. This is same even with android phones with higher refresh rate. For example, google maps always work at 60hz in all phones as it’s heavy and not very battery efficient.

What’s new in IPhone 13 Pro’s camera

This year’s 13 Pro Max has Pro 12MP camera system: Telephoto, Wide, and Ultra Wide cameras. It has wider apertures on the main shooter, telephoto and ultra wide cameras. Wide angles shots taken using this phone is the best wide angle shots you can get from any smartphone right now. It has the macro mode which is yet to be optimized and we can expect some refinements through software updates.

3 Reasons to Buy iPhone 13 Pro Max in 2022
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Video capabilities are the best you could get on any smartphone right now. This year apple has added cinematic mode which is 4K at 30 Hz and it’s an excellent feature for content producers. ProRes video features are expected in near future to iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Just to note this feature will be capped at 1080p for the iPhones with 128GB versions. It makes sense as 4K videos take a good amount of storage space. So if you would like to use the 4K ProRes features, plan to buy a higher storage variant that is greater than 128GB. Night mode is excellent and produces better low light shots. But Apple is yet to introduce astrophotography in iPhones.

Exceptional battery life

Usually iPhones provide a better battery life that most android phones. But this years iPhone 13 Pro Max made it even better with 4352 mAh battery. It has some insane battery life in some of the video tests that I’ve seen. In some cases, this phone had 50% battery left after a day of use. It supports 20W charging though apple isn’t including a charger with the phone. Still with a 20W charger it takes very long to charge the 13 Pro Max battery. Higher Wattage battery like One Plus phones would be a great move.

3 Reasons to Buy iPhone 13 Pro Max in 2022
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Battery life on iPhone 13 Pro series is insane and it blows out the competitions like Samsung S22 and Pixel 6 series. Easily you can get a day and a half of battery for moderate to heavy use on the Pro max and whole day battery on iPhone 13 Pro. With more optimizations in iOS 15 and the efficient hardware, its battery capability stands out.

I recently tried iPhone 13 mini for a week and realized how important battery life is during travel. I used my 13 mini as GPS for couple hour drive and used it to shoot some videos and pictures during the trip. By 4 pm battery almost drained and luckily had a charger in my car to save rest of the day. So, a good battery backup in smartphones are essential and apple stands out in this category.

Final Thoughts

This is the best smartphone right now in the market with a stunning display, spectacular camera setup, well refined operating system, best brand value and an excellent battery life. This phone’s top specs combined with the fluid iOS gives the use a best smartphone experience in 2022. With Apple phones retaining the best resale value among all smartphones, you won’t go wrong with this choice. Let me know your thoughts or suggestions.

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