Is Apple iPhone 13 Mini Worth it in 2023

Apple iPhone 13 Mini is the smallest iPhone along with last year’s Apple iPhone 12 mini. This year, apple has improved a lot of things in most recent iPhone 13 mini including latest A15 bionic processor, base storage capacity and the cameras. This year’s iPhone mini has the same cameras from iPhone 12 Pro max for the standard lens and the wide angle lens. It’s missing the telephone lens which is always the case with regular and mini versions of iPhone.

Great Experience with Apple iPhone 13 Mini

All iPhone 13’s are attracting fingerprints as it’s all glass on the back side. If you are planning to use the device without a case, getting a white iPhone will help to hide the fingerprints.

What I Like in Apple iPhone 13 Mini

I bought iPhone 13 Mini in green recently and I wanted to get the blue one but it was out of stock. So, I chose the green mini which is like plain dark green on the back and a metallic green on the sides. Sides are matching the color of green iPhone 13 Pro. It would be nice if they have added the same color to Mini or made it as light green similar to the green iPhone 11. My favorite colors are Blue, Black and Red in iPhone 13 Mini Series.

Great Experience with Apple iPhone 13 Mini

I would be using a case anyway so color doesn’t matter too much. Best Selling point of iPhone 13 Mini is its size which is smaller than iPhone 6 and punches a 6.1″ OLED screen. With this light weight iPhone, you can easily do any task using just one hand. Also you wrist will thank by using this feather light device. Once you are used to this small form factor, it’s very difficult to adapt with bigger devices.

Difference between Apple iPhone 13 Mini from iPhone 12 Mini

Obviously the latest A15 Bionic processor is one of the difference. Some other key differences are in Cameras, Storage capacity and Battery. This year’s 13 Mini has the camera’s from last year’s iPhone 12 Pro Max and produces excellent images and videos. This year in iPhone 13 mini, Apple has increased the base storage from 64GB to 128GB which is a very good move. As most of us require more than 64GB storage in our phones.

Green iPhone 13 Mini unboxing video

Battery capacity got increased with the new mini so you can also expect a 15-20% increase in battery for your daily usage. You can get up to 512GB of storage in iPhone 13 Mini compared to 256GB in 12 mini. In terms of phone colors, purple and light green are replaced with pink and dark green with iPhone 13 mini.

Great Experience with Green iPhone 13 Mini

Final Thoughts on Apple iPhone 13 Mini

If you are someone like me who loves a small phone, this is an excellent choice. With such a small device, it packs the fastest processor till date and an exception performance with cameras. iOS 15 runs perfectly fine on this device and it has ample storage in it. Though it shows some lag in iPhone sales and there are rumors about iPhone 13 mini being the last one in mini version iPhone, it’s a fine device.

Apple iPhone 13 Mini Sample images and Video

Pictures shot using iPhone 13 mini is excellent and on par to pictures from other iphone line ups. Except the concern being it’s missing the telphoto lens for portraits, it produces vibrant and rich colors with great details. Compared to it’s android counterparts iphones got an edge with it’s super quick shutter speed for capturing fast moving images.

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