Is Facebook Marketplace Safe to Buy Phones

Have you tried buying used Phones through Facebook?

When it comes to buy used stuff online, Facebook marketplace is one of the popular platform at least here in United States. . Recently I’ve seen many people buy and sell Mobile phones through Facebook Marketplace or other online marketplace like Swappa as it gets a good price point to buyers and sellers. In this article, I’ll share my experience and the facts I gathered about facebook’s Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace isn’t open for all accounts though. Like for many of the newer accounts, Marketplace option may not show up. So, you can list your stuff to sell through Facebook marketplace once you’re eligible

Is there a Shipping option in Facebook Marketplace

You can use two ways to list your items: Local or Shipping. For local items there are not much hassles, you can list down the items and local sellers reach out and the items are handed off either pick up by buyer or drop off by seller. I would say it’s way convenient and easy to deal with as you can see the items condition in person before buying.

Is Facebook Marketplace Safe to buy Phones
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Through Shipping Option you can reach far more buyers but you’ll have to share your details like an account to receive money or to transact for shipping orders, your physical address and tax information if you are a seller. So you’ll get sellers from many places and it comes with the trouble of scammers. There are lot of scammers who will try to reach you as a potential buyer and try to get your personal information or sometimes they pay using fraudulent accounts.

Does Facebook Marketplace has Scammers

There are many scammers selling stuff through the marketplace shipping options where they request you to pay money directly and simply ghost without shipping orders. They also send fake or clone devices on your shipping orders. So I highly recommend to be extra cautious before making a shipping order. I have read stories where scammers send you more than the listed price through fraudulent accounts and will ask you to send them back the balance. Once you send the balance fund to them, actual transaction will not go though.

How to avoid scammers in Facebook Marketplace

One of the important thing to avoid scammers is to share any personal information through chat. Also never agree to transact anything outside Facebook’s Buy and Sell options. Many will ask you to transact through instant payment methods like Apple Pay, CashApp or Venmo and some may be real good people. But its not worth to transact through these modes and always stick within Facebook Marketplace checkout options so you’re covered for Purchase Protection from the Marketplace. Another way of weeding out scammers are to look for ratings on the buyers/sellers marketplace profile.

How to reach Facebook Marketplace Support

It’s a tedious process to get help from Marketplace Support team as there is no email or a phone number to contact them. Only way to reach them is through the links you get when you have a transaction for shipping orders. If an item is not satisfactory, buyers can reach the seller for further resolution and if there is no enough response from Seller, you can submit a claim with Marketplace Support. They will evaluate based on your facts and decide on the claim. That’s literally the only option to reach for support and I feel its a biggest disadvantage of Marketplace Shipping orders.

Is Facebook Marketplace Safe to buy Phones
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In one of my personal experience, my order was showing as delivered but it never came and Marketplace Support denied my claim. UPS accepted the claim but they will be paying the claim amount directly to the buyer as per their claim rules. In another instance, I received a clone of AirPods but the seller gave me a refund once I returned it at my expense.

Final Thoughts

In my personal experience, Facebook Marketplace is a good platform to easily sell used stuffs and also to buy some good items at a reasonable price. Sometimes the process of shipping and getting your order gets complicated with shipping orders but its worth the price of you strike a good deal.

But I would highly recommend to be cautious of shipping orders and inspect the items thoroughly if you are buying any items through the Marketplace. Hope these details were helpful and let me know your experience with Marketplace orders

With their limited support, it’s always a risk to buy shipping orders through Facebook marketplace.

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