How Good is Visible’s Unlimited Plan for $25

What is Visible Phone Plan?

Visible became one of the popular pre-paid unlimited phone plan in United States. It’s an all digital mobile phone services through Verizon network. It’s directly uses Verizon’s network which means Visible is not a MVNO carrier technically. You can sign up for their service using their website or through their apps on your phone.

They sell new phones including latest iPhones and Android Phones including Samsung Galaxy S21 and Google Pixel 6. There is no leasing options so you have to buy the phone for full price.

How Good is Visible's Unlimited Plan for $25
Visible Phone Plan

Visible is known for its attractive sign up offers up to $200 Visa card for new flagship phones when you port in your number. They also provide additional gifts during holiday season or during thanksgiving. Most of the gifts are mobile phone accessories like wireless chargers, Bose headphones, Beats Headphones or AirPods lately. So if you consider these perks, it’s a great deal as phones comes with a gift card and a free gift. They also reduce the phone prices periodically. All these offers are tied to new customers and I’ve never seen anything for existing customers so far.

How much does Visible Plans Cost

Visible has a one plan for all concept and it’s an unlimited plan that costs $40/month. Visible unlimited plan can be brought down to as low as $25/month using their party pay. It’s easy to join any of the existing group or you can create your own group of visible users and get $25/month plan. This is a best unlimited plan on Verizon’s network.

Does Visible have 5G Plans

Visible services do have 5G coverage but it faces data throttling and de-prioritization compared to Verizon’s direct plans. Most of the times you will not be getting full 5G speed but still it provides a good LTE speeds compared to other MVNO networks. Visible sells 5G phones in their website and it comes with a 5G compatible SIM. You can also use the digital SIM on compatible devices to activate their plan.

How Good is Visible's Unlimited Plan for $25
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Does Visible sell Smartwatches

Visible started selling smartwatches recently and only apple smartwatches are available currently. You can add an Apple Watch to their network for $5/month on top of your monthly plan. Unlike the phones deals I haven’t seen any good promotions for smartwatches.

Does Visible Phones come unlocked

If you’ve bought a new iPhone with Visible Phone Services, you would be curious to know if its unlocked or locked like the phones that comes with other carriers like AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile. Visible iPhones and Android Phones are locked to carrier for 60 days after activation. As per Visible’s unlock policy after 60 days, phones will be unlocked automatically.

Currently there is no exceptions mentioned to their unlocked policy except for Military Personnels. You number has to be active on the device you purchases for 60 days for the automatic unlock process.

How to reach Visible’s customer support

As Visible is fully digital, there is no telephone number to talk to a customer service representative. Easiest way to contact their support is through chat on their website or Visible app. During the day, wait times to get a response is insane and I’ve had instances where it never connected even after an hour. Another way to reach out visible is through their official twitter page.

Visible Phone Plan
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Final Thoughts on Visible Plan

Visible services offer a decent network coverage across United States and the unlimited plan as low as $25/month is phenomenal. Visible also provides a try out option for iPhones recently. You can test the network for 15 days using their temporary number at no cost. So, you try out the service in your area for a while to check the call receptions and data speeds before moving into Visible’s plan. Currently there are latest iPhone 13 Ans Samsung S22 models are on promotions.

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