My Experience with Pixel 6 Pro after 2 months

I recently switched to Google Pixel 6 Pro as I got a great offer with a trade in. I’ve been using small phones like 6.1″ screens. I’ve used iPhone XS, 11 Pro and Samsung S22 for the past couple of years. So getting used to this large phone took a while and I would to share what I liked and doesn’t like with this phone.

Data Transfer from Samsung to Pixel

My Experience with Pixel 6 Pro after 2 months

I was able to transfer all my phone contents from Samsung S22 to my Pixel 6 Pro seamlessly using the setup from Pixel. It took a while to copy all my contents as it was over 145 GB. I also noticed there were some disconnects during my data transfer and I had to reconnect. This issue was never there with iPhone data transfers (+1 to iPhones lol). But it wasn’t too terrible with Android to Android data transfers.

Pixel 6 Pro’s gorgeous screen

Pixel 6 Pro has an excellent screen by far the best display currently as it’s 6.7 inch with 512 ppi density and 120hz refresh rate. Colors are vibrant and bright, it even has the lowest brightness level in dark. 120hz refresh rate is fast and fluid and media consumption is exceptional. Due to size of the screen, sometime its hard to hold on to the phone for too long as it’s on the heavier side. A pop socket is recommended for big phones like Pixel 6 Pro.

Speaker Performance in Pixel 6 Pro

Another stand out feature with Pixel 6 Pro is it’s sound quality on the speakers. It sounds exceptional and the amount of control with the volume bar is outstanding. Only latest iPhone can come close to the sound quality of Pixel 6 Pro. It has good amount of base and loudness. I also felt the google Pixel Buds sounds better with Pixel 6 Pro that it sounded with my other android phones.

My Experience with Pixel 6 Pro after 2 months

Short comings in Pixel 6 Pro

Some of the short falls with this phone are listed below:

  • Android 13 bugs – As many complained about the bugs they faced with this phone on Android 12, I had couple of glitches in Android 13. I haven’t used this phone much on Android 12 but not too many issues on Android 13.
  • No Face ID : I would expect a face ID with such a flagship device from Google. In my experience, the in display optical fingerprint scanner was fine and quick enough unlike other complaints I found online.
  • Color Tones of People with its Camera – I didn’t personally like the colors I got with the skin tones of people when I shoot with Pixel 6 pro’s camera.

Final Thoughts

If you are an Android phone and likes big screens, this is the phone for you. With it’s Tensor chip and 12GB RAM, nice display, speakers and clean Android it’s a great experience to use this phone. It has stellar camera and AI capabilities better than many phones in current market. With current discounts on Pixel 6 Pro it’s a fantastic buy.

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