Is Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Worth it in 2023

Samsung’s latest smartwatch is the series 4 and in this article I’m going to share my thoughts specifically on Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Galaxy Smartwatches are hugely popular in android world as there are not many cell phone brands are into smartwatch industry. Also Galaxy smart watches are considered to be the rival for apple watch. For android users, there are many smartwatch options available like Fitbit, Garmin, Fossil and other watches. But Galaxy watches are the ones that offers most useful features that can be used along with a smartwatch.

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic: Design

It’s round moving bezel is one of my favorite feature in galaxy watch classic. This makes me feel like I’m wearing a regular watch and the navigation through moving bezel makes it fluid. It’s slightly bigger compared to other smartphones but it’s not terribly big. I really like the round traditional watch design compared to the rectangle design in apple watch and few other smartwatches.

Battery Performance

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic’s battery performance is average and it’s being such a feature packed watch, it’s expected out of its battery. During my regular use I could easily last a day but that’s it as I need everyday charging. One good thing with this smartwatch is it’s charging speed. It goes 0 to 100% charging in less than an hour. This is a huge improvement compared to my Apple Watch SE.

Also I found a strange issue with Galaxy Watch 4 Classic’s battery performance. It varies a lot by the outside temperature. During my trip to Asia, I could feel the watch’s battery drain is drastic compared to my use in USA. I found a similar performance issue with my Samsung Galaxy S22 too.

Features in Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

This is one of the features rich smartwatches currently in the market. It has many useful features in Galaxy Watch like accurate steps tracking, heart beat tracking, sleep tracking, SpO2 and body composition tracking. Not many smartwatches have all these features and does well. It measures skeletal muscle, body fat percentage and fat mass data which as very helpful. It has very impressive watch faces.

One thing I found this watch lagging compared to apple watch is the accessories. Apple watches has a ton of bands and screen protectors available with third party brands. Samsung smartwatches doesn’t have enough accessories available outside of Samsung store.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic: Pricing

Galaxy Watch 4 classic was priced at $349 at US which is a bit higher. I was expecting at a price around $300 for this watch. Compared to Apple watch this may seem cheaper but Android has many cheaper alternatives. So Samsung has to be competitive in pricing to get the market share in smartwatches.

Final Thoughts on Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

So my final thoughts on Watch 4 classic – its a great pair to add to your android device especially if you’re having a Samsung smartphone. It will work with apple devices too but the integration won’t be seamless as much as its with a Samsung phone. Let me know your thoughts on this device.

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