4 Reasons to Buy Samsung Watch 4 in 2023

In the smartwatch world, there is a stiff competition as more and more manufacturers are entering this space and releasing new smartwatches. Though there are lot of choices, we can easily pick the top players in smartwatches like Apple, Samsung, Fitbit and Fossil. One of the top reasons for these popularity is how good the connectivity and health features are in smartwatches and how well it integrates with the compatible Phone. In this article, will discuss the top 4 reasons to consider buying Samsung Watch 4 Series over Apple Watch.

4 Reasons to Buy Samsung Watch 4 in 2022
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Watch 4 is compatible with Android and iPhone

One of the top most reason to consider Samsung Watch 4 is its compatibility with both Android and iPhones. Apple Watch cannot be used with an Android device so you are stuck to be only on Apple devices. On the other hand, Samsung Watch and its related apps are compatible on iPhones too. If you are a person who would like to switch devices, Samsung Watch gives you more freedom to switch devices among Android and iOS platforms.

Samsung’s Watch 4 Design

When it comes to smartphone watch designs, most people doesn’t like to trade off for its traditional watch design which is round shaped. Apple Watch hasn’t got a round design yet but the rectangle apple watch design doesn’t appeal better than the traditional round shaped design. I liked the original Samsung Watch where it has a rotating bezel to scroll through the icons and settings in the display. Samsung Watch 4 is very light weight and slim dial which offers great comfort to wear.

4 Reasons to Buy Samsung Watch 4 in 2022
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Samsung Watch 4 is cheaper and has more Features

Apple Watch costs more that Samsung Watch 4 which is starting at $249 (current Price in March 2022) and it offers more health features than Apple Watch. For this price tag it offers a lot more health features than Apple Watch Series 7. It has a better sleep tracking and snore tracking where it monitors and records sleep and snore patterns. It also continuously monitors the oxygen levels during the sleep. It has a feature to track body composition analysis where it measure skeletal composition and body fat index. Samsung Watch Series 4 runs wear OS which is from Google so you can make use of all google specific apps and features on this device.

Better Battery Life compared to Apple Watch Series

As per Samsung’s estimate, Watch 4 is expected to last 40 hours of moderate use. This is much better compared to Apple watches that I owned where I had to charge my Apple Watch everyday. With Watch 4’s battery life it lasts unto 2 days of use without charging. As more features are built into smart watches, its battery life take a toll so you cannot expect insane battery life on advanced smartwatches. Devices like Fitbit charge and similar models may get you 4-5 days of battery in a single charge but the trade off will be other smartwatch features.

Smartwatch with heart tracking

Final Thoughts on Samsung Watch 4

Samsung Watch 4 is packed with a ton of features and priced at $249 which is really competitive. It has improved over time and moving from Tizen OS to Wear OS by Google brings a lot of new features and a fresh interface. Watch 4 is fast and intuitive, with a good battery life and great Watch design. If you are a android fan or someone who switches between iPhones and Android phones, this watch is a great Buy as it’s compatible with both platforms. Let me know your thoughts on Samsung Watch 4. Check out my Samsung Watch 5 comparison here.

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