Top Reasons to Buy a 2014 MacBook Pro in 2022

Top Reasons to Buy a 2014 MacBook Pro in 2022

My Experience with MacBook Pro 2014 I bought my 13-inch 2014 MacBook Pro back in November 2015 and I love to work on this beautiful Machine even today. I would like to share about the things that I really enjoy in 2014 MacBook Pro and areas where it lags currently or may lag in future. … Read more

iPhone 14 Release date on September 7, 2022

iPhone 14 Release date on September 7, 2022

What to expect in Apple iPhone 14 Every September Apple releases new generation of iPhones and iPhone 14 is expected to release on September 7th 2022. Along with the iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to be announced as well. Based on the leaks that I found online, below are the features we … Read more

Why you should Buy iPhone SE 2020 now

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iPhone SE 2020 Introduction Apple iPhone SE(2020) is the second generation SE introduced in the year 2020 which was the last iPhone that came with a finger print sensor. The placement of its fingerprint sensor in iPhone is the best place to keep the sensor according to me. I really liked this in all previous … Read more

Why Airpods Pro Still The Best

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AirPods Pro Introduction Airpods Pro is one of the most premium noise cancelling headphones in the market right now. Apple’s headphone market has grown really big in the last 5 years and it’s giving stiff competitions to other leading Manufactures like Bose and Sony.  To give an idea on how big Apple’s earphones business is … Read more

4 Reasons to Buy iPhone 11 Pro

4 Reasons to Buy iPhone 11 Pro in 2022

Apple iPhone 11 Pro is one of the premium device and the first iPhone to get a triple camera setup. It was criticized a lot for the look of its 3-camera setup which looked similar to a gas stove. But later on it became popular and apple is still sticking to the same camera design … Read more

Is iPhone XR a Good Choice in 2022

Should you Buy an iPhone XR in 2022

iPhone XR in 2022 Apple iPhone XR is the best value for money among iPhone line up. Let’s discuss why it’s a good value phone in 2022. First and foremost, the price of iPhone XR has gone down with the release of newer iPhones like iPhone 11 and beyond in last couple of years. iPhone … Read more