Top Reasons to Buy Apple Watch Series 7

New Features in Apple Watch Series 7

Apple’s recent smartwatch that got released in 2021 is Watch Series 7. In this article, I would like to review how it holds now and into 2022. Display is bigger, brighter and more durable in this new series. It’s definitely something that impressed me as I’m coming from the Apple Series 4. In terms of dimensions, it’s 50% larger than the display area of series 3. As I’m mentioning about the display, new series has the most awaited “Always-on” feature. I personally feel it’s absolutely useful in times when you don’t want to lift your wrist to see the time or a notification and with a bigger display some of the watch apps are more useful now. Series 7 watches are 70% brighter than older generation apple watches.

Apple Watch Series 7 is crack resistant as its front crystal is 50% thicker that Apple watch 6. New Series 7 is water resistant and swim proof with WR50 water resistance rating. Series 7 is also dust resistant with IP6X certification. Apps such as calculator is able to make full use of the bigger display and you can calculate numbers on it easily without any problem. Similarly in the timer app now you can start two timers at the same time. All thanks to the bigger screen size this year. In series 7, Apple gave us a couple of new watch faces that are exclusive to the series 7 models only.

Top Reasons to Buy Apple Watch Series 7
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These watch faces include contour watch face which is gorgeous and extremely customizable. Second free watch face included is modular duo and it makes use of the bigger screen size. It lets the user add two larger complications to the watch face which was previously limited to only one. Lastly the full size QWERTY keyboard with quick path. This feature makes replying to messages directly from the watch possible than ever before.

However the only downside of using the keyboard for texting is that it makes typing slower. But the good part is we don’t have to pull out our phones every now and then just for messaging and instead we can reply using the watch. The compatible apple watch models get couple of new watch faces like portrait and world time.

Features in Nike Edition Apple Watch Series 7

If you have the Nike edition of apple watch irrespective of generations, you get the newly added bounce watch face. Display with Nike bounce watch face is a joy on series 7 as you get the bigger screen size with thin bezels. In terms of battery life, series 7 is able to hold up to a day and a quarter in a single charge. This is not only really impressive but also is a subject to one’s usability. I use my series 7 to check the time read and respond to messages and I also do my work out for the day. Since I have the GPS version I could notice the longer and the better battery life of it.

Top Reasons to Buy Apple Watch Series 7
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This feature is truly magical since we all know that the Nike edition apple watches are designed by apple and Nike for athletes. Nike edition comes with a pre-installed Nike run club app that is built to track your workouts and the metrics related to the workout. A quick hack to start the Nike run club app right from the Nike bounce watch face is just to tap the Nike logo that appears below the time. As a result the app will start in terms of health related features with the series and you get the ability to check your blood oxygen levels which is pretty good. It’s not only quick but also the results are almost accurate. Along with blood oxygen you can even take an ECG reading.

Battery Life and Health Features in Series 7

However if you decide to go with the cellular version it will undoubtedly drain the battery. Also this year apple included a USB-C charging cable in the box that supports faster charging. Going with the numbers it charges up to 33 percent faster and guess what now you can even charge your apple watch by plugging the cable to your iPad pro. With the ECG app, Apple Watch Series 7 is capable of generating an ECG similar to a single-lead electrocardiogram. Now you can take an ECG anytime. Sleep app keeps track of your sleeping hours, create a schedule and bed time routine but doesn’t measure sleep quality.

Top Reasons to Buy Apple Watch Series 7
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Final Thoughts on Apple Watch Series 7

In conclusion I would say that if you have an older apple watch like series 4 or older its absolutely worth upgrading to the new series 7. But if you’re coming from the series 5 or series 6 watch I would recommend you to re-assess your preferences and could wait until Apple Watch Series 8. Apart from the bigger display, the case design of the series 7 has been tweaked a little bit but majorly remains same as in the past generations. So if you’re down for a bigger screen size and new colors then I guess the series 7 is just for you. You can also check on Apple Watch Series SE as its slightly under powered but cheaper that Series 7. Let me know your thoughts and comments on Apple Watch Series 7.

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