Is Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Good in 2023

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is set to release in couple of weeks which was not mentioned in Samsung’s product event. But it was actually expected by the market about this release. This Phone comes in a similar hardware specification like Galaxy S21 with refreshed colors and build materials. As the price slash on Samsung Galaxy S21 that can be seen across most retailers, it may be the biggest competition to its new release Galaxy S21 FE.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Hardware Specs

Galaxy S21 Fan Edition is similarly specced as last year’s S21 with some minor variations. Base model of S21 FE comes with 6GB RAM/128GB Storage and Snapdragon 888 chipset. There is another variant with 8GB/256GB which is priced an additional $100. Most of other areas like cameras, screen, ports are almost same as last year’s flagship Galaxy S21. It’s interesting to see Samsung coming down on the RAM in recent models. Samsung S20s had up to 12GB RAM on its Ultra and Plus models. However, based on Android optimizations they are seeing with new versions 8GB may be sufficient for next 2-3 years.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Samsung S21 Ultra

Samsung S21 FE’s Design

The design is better than S20 FE with rounded all around. Galaxy S21 camera accent, and relatively thinner bazels and less thickness of the phone with same battery capacity. However, after 1 year of its release, regular Samsung S21 is almost the same price with this phone and a bit cheaper in some online sellers in USA.

Even if I think that the price of this phone will go down around 100$ in 2-3 months time, then the new S22 will be launched and will make purchase of this phone even harder at this price point. Also, in few countries this phone is sold with Exynos processor. If you are the ones looking for best budget premium experience would like to have Snapdragon 888 option instead which isn’t available with this phone but readily available with S21 FE now.

Current Promotions

Why you should Buy Samsung S21 FE 5G
Samsung S21 FE

In US, Most of the retailers are selling Samsung Galaxy S21FE for a discount. Best offer I could find so far is from AT&T where the phone has been discounted for $15 per month without trading your old phone. With Samsung’s attractive offers and discounts, it may be best to buy straight from Samsung Store if its available in your country. You may need to evaluate the carrier offers and buy it outright from Samsung.

Samsung Promotions on Mobile Phones also gives many trade in promotions and Samsung credit which are worthy to check out if you’re planning to buy a no-contract unlocked version. Currently Samsung offers free Buds Live earphones for free or their latest Buds Pro wireless headphones for a discounted price of $29.99. Another perk of this promotion is they offer $100 Samsung credit which you can use to buy accessories on Samsung’s website directly.

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Final Thoughts on Samsung S21 FE

Considering the value preservation of Samsung S20 FE with the introduction of SD865 chipset in international markets, this phone will be hard to sell for Samsung. But Galaxy S21 FE has a better price than both S20 FE and S21. Unfortunately, this phone is in extreme tight comparison with Samsung’s own lineup like Samsung A52S 5G and S20 FE squeezing from a lower price point. Even the regular more premium S21 5G squeezing from a same or lower price point right now. So this phone already has some competition with Samsung’s own line ups.

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