Tutorials on PL/I Programming

Mainframe Programming - PL/I Basics

PL/I Programming Language One (Basics) PL/I is a powerful language used in Mainframe that can be used for both business and scientific applications. PL/I is Programming Language One. One is a roman letter, not alphabet I . PL/I is used to write structured programs. It can be pronounced as pee ell one and not pee … Read more

Is Samsung Galaxy S22 Better Than Galaxy S21

Is Samsung Galaxy S22 Better Than Galaxy S21

New Samsung Galaxy S22 Models Samsung has unveiled its 2022’s flagship device Galaxy S22. It comes with 3 models like last year – Galaxy S22(6.1 inch), S22+(6.6 inch) and S22 Ultra(6.8 inch). These three models are priced at $799, $999 and $1199 respectively. Both Galaxy S22 and S22+ is limited to 8GB RAM whereas S22 … Read more

Is Logitech F710 Wireless GamePad Good For Gaming

person holding game pad

Logitech F710 Wireless GamePad Logitech F710 Gamepad is a native-style 2.4 GHz wireless controller for PC Gaming. This plug and play wireless Gamepad comes with a 4 Switch D-Pad with imprecise control. It’s D-pad glides over 4 individual switches resulting in a more responsive and tactile feel. You can enjoy gaming on TV through Steam … Read more

What is GDG and its Usage in Mainframes

What is GDG in Mainframes

What is a GDG and How its used in JCL In Mainframe Programming, Generation Data Group is known as GDG which is multiple generations of the same file base. So if there is a GDG base(consider like a parent file) with a name ABC then its generations(children of the parent file ABC) will be ABC.G01, … Read more

Is My Best Buy Total Membership Worth it?

Is BestBuy's Totaltech Membership Worth it?

Unveiling the Benefits of Best Buy Total Membership In today’s technology-driven world, staying ahead of the curve can be a daunting task. From software updates and device protection to home theater installations and troubleshooting, maintaining your tech arsenal can be time-consuming and complex. Fortunately, My Best Buy Total Membership offers a comprehensive solution to simplify … Read more

How to Update Firmware on Fios Router G1100

How to Update Firmware on Fios Router G1100

G1100 Router Firmware If you’re a FIOS customer and have a Quantum Gateway Router G1100, you might be wondering how to update the router’s firmware. FIOS gateway modem/router are specifically designed to work only with Fios and the firmware cannot be upgraded by flashing it with a open source firmware. It’s firmware is controlled by … Read more

Is ASUS ROG Phone 5 a Good Phone

Is ASUS ROG Phone 5s a Good Phone for Non-Gamers

Introduction on ROG Phone 5s ASUS ROG is a known name in Gaming Laptops. So ROG Phone 5s is evident that it’s meant for gaming. Let’s review the new ROG Phone 5S and probably the best thing about this phone is quite a bit of an upgrade over the regular ROG Phone 5. With most … Read more

Is MacOS more Secure than Windows

Is MacOS Safer than Windows

Apple’s MacOS is considered safer than Windows for a long time. I would like to share my thoughts on why its considered safer than windows OS and is it really true in 2022 with Windows 11. Windows Hacking incidents are more in News As the windows user base is so large which is almost 8 … Read more

Google ends Unlimited Original Photos in Pixel 3

Unlimited Original Quality Storage for Pixel Phones

Background about Original Quality Storage on Pixel Phones Google introduced unlimited original Quality phones on the Pixel devices when it released the first pixel in 2016. It was an option till 2018 for Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL. Starting from Pixel 4 Series, google stopped this perk of free original quality storage on google photos. … Read more