Why Airpods Pro Still The Best

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AirPods Pro Introduction Airpods Pro is one of the most premium noise cancelling headphones in the market right now. Apple’s headphone market has grown really big in the last 5 years and it’s giving stiff competitions to other leading Manufactures like Bose and Sony.  To give an idea on how big Apple’s earphones business is … Read more

4 Reasons to Buy iPhone 11 Pro

4 Reasons to Buy iPhone 11 Pro in 2022

Apple iPhone 11 Pro is one of the premium device and the first iPhone to get a triple camera setup. It was criticized a lot for the look of its 3-camera setup which looked similar to a gas stove. But later on it became popular and apple is still sticking to the same camera design … Read more

Is Google Pixel 3 a Good Buy in 2022

Is Google Pixel 3 a Good Buy in 2022

Google Pixel 3 and 3XL are flagship android phones from Google which was originally released in 2018. Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL (especially the Panda version of 2XL) became very popular among android enthusiasts. Google Phones are known for its stellar camera and smooth android performance. According to me, Pixel 3 was priced on the … Read more

How to check your iPhone’s battery health

How to check your iPhone’s battery health

Introduction iPhone’s battery health can be checked under iPhone settings. Most of you might already know how to check your phone’s battery health. This post is intended to new and not very tech savvy individuals. This is particularly handy when you buy any used phones from third party websites like Swappa, Mercari or even through Facebook … Read more

Top Reasons to Buy Pixel 5 in 2022

3 Reasons to Buy Pixel 5 in 2022

I’m a big fan of Pixel devices since Pixel 2 starting with the fan favorite Panda edition in Google Pixel 2XL. My latest Pixel experience is with Pixel 5 which is a great phone with compact form factor, superior build quality and its terrific camera for still photography. I’m going to share my experiences during my … Read more

Is iPhone XR a Good Choice in 2022

Should you Buy an iPhone XR in 2022

iPhone XR in 2022 Apple iPhone XR is the best value for money among iPhone line up. Let’s discuss why it’s a good value phone in 2022. First and foremost, the price of iPhone XR has gone down with the release of newer iPhones like iPhone 11 and beyond in last couple of years. iPhone … Read more

How to Speed Up an old PC?

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In this article, I’ll share some of the useful tips on how to speed up an old PC (Laptop or Desktop). Laptops that are a few years older may run very slow and you might even see screen freezing. Over the years, the browsers, applications that your using are all became resource intensive and the older … Read more