Is Facebook Marketplace Safe to Buy Phones

Is Facebook Marketplace Safe to buy Phones

Facebook Marketplace is like a big online garage sale. You can find all sorts of things for sale, from clothes and furniture to electronics and toys. It’s a great place to find deals on used items or to sell things you no longer need. To use Facebook Marketplace, just go to the Marketplace tab on … Read more

Can Pixel 6A be better than Pixel 5A

What to Expect in Google's Pixel 6A

Google has been introducing the budget variant of its Pixel lineup every year since 2018. When Pixel 3A was introduced back in 2018, it was a huge hit. Pixel 3A was priced at $349 in competition with iPhone XR which was the budget iPhone released by Apple. Starting from there, every year Google released the … Read more

Procedures and Sub-routines in PL/1 Programming

Procedures and Sub-routines in PL/1 Programming

PROCEDURES in PL/1 There are three types of PL/I procedures. MAIN procedure, Subroutine Procedure and Function Procedure. The main procedures are having separate compilations and may or may not have subroutine and functions. Subroutine and functions may also be compiled separately and called as Subprogram. Four main advantages of using Subprograms The length of the … Read more

File Handling and Structures in PL/1 Programming

Is Mainframe Programming good to Learn in 2022

FILE HANDLING in PL/1 File handling process in PL/1 is similar to the FILE handling process in FORTRAN. There are four major steps involved in it.             * Define the file                                 –  DECLARE             * Open the file                                  – OPEN FILE             * Process information in the file       – READ or WRITE or REWRITE                                                                           … Read more

PL/I Programming String Handling Functions

PL/i Programming String Handling Functions

String Handling Functions In this article, let’s see about the character string handling functions and how to use string functions in PL/I Programming. SUBSTR: Used to extract the required portion of the Character String, Bit or Pic Attributes, by specifying the starting position and the length of the required string. Syntax: Name of the data … Read more

PL/I programming Tutorials – Part 3

PL/I Programming

Continuing PL/I Programming Basics Part 3 which includes String Attributes and other functions related to PL/I variables. STRING DATA ATTRIBUTES in PL/I: Logical data items in PL/I is referred as string data item. A string is a sequence of characters or bits that is treated as a single data item. In referring the string data … Read more

PL/I Programming Basics Part 2

PL/I Programming Basics Part-2

PL/I Programming Basics Part 2 Below is the continuation of PL/I programming basics from my previous article, if you would like check the previous one, Part-1 link is here. In this article, let’s discuss a little more advanced topics like various statements, arithmetic operations and other functions in PL/I. ASSIGNMENT STATEMENT Used to assign some … Read more