iPhone 14 Release date on September 7, 2022

iPhone 14 Release date on September 7, 2022

What to expect in Apple iPhone 14 Every September Apple releases new generation of iPhones and iPhone 14 is expected to release on September 7th 2022. Along with the iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to be announced as well. Based on the leaks that I found online, below are the features we … Read more

4 Reasons to Buy Google Pixel 5A in 2022

Google Pixel 5A

Introduction Google Pixel 5A was the last years best mid range phone easily beating it’s competitors. It was on sale for $399 here in US during thanksgiving and Christmas week. Pixel 5A Hardware This phone is more or less same as last years Pixel 4A 5G except some minor fixes. It has the same Snapdragon … Read more

Is Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Good in 2022

Why you should Buy Samsung S21 FE 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is set to release in couple of weeks which was not mentioned in Samsung’s product event. But it was actually expected by the market about this release. This Phone comes in a similar hardware specification like Galaxy S21 with refreshed colors and build materials. As the price slash on Samsung Galaxy … Read more

Is Buying Pixel 4 in 2022 is a Good Decision

Google Pixel 4 in 2022

Pixel 4 Introduction Pixel 4 and 4 XL was the first Google phone to come with Face ID like iPhones and other android devices. These are the first google pixel version having a higher refresh rate screens. I will share my experience of using this phone for the past couple years. To all of you … Read more

How to Reduce Blue Light in Phones

How to Reduce Blue Light in Phones

Blue Light from Phones In today’s world most of us are glued to our mobile phones and other digital platforms. It can be either for work, personal or just to kill time. But the ultimate truth is we cannot avoid these devices altogether. So here let’s discuss one important setting that helps you filter out … Read more

Is iPhone Better than Android

selective focus photography of person holding turned on smartphone

Introduction In this article, I would like to share my thoughts on how would I choose an Android or iPhone based on its strong and weak areas on each platform. I will try my best to keep it unbiased but if you feel one or the other seems to be better, then you’ve already made … Read more

Why you should Buy iPhone SE 2020 now

healthy wood man people

iPhone SE 2020 Introduction Apple iPhone SE(2020) is the second generation SE introduced in the year 2020 which was the last iPhone that came with a finger print sensor. The placement of its fingerprint sensor in iPhone is the best place to keep the sensor according to me. I really liked this in all previous … Read more

Is Samsung S21 FE 5G better than Samsung S22

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung S21 FE Introduction Last year’s Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (Referred as Fan Edition) was a big success and it was an impressive smartphone. The Fan Edition phone comes with a slightly lowered hardware specs and at a reduced price. This is particularly helpful for an average user who doesn’t need and use all aspects … Read more

Best Way to Charge your Smartphone

Smartphone Battery Life

As there are lot many new ways of charging, I always preferred the traditional way of charging by plugging it in wired. With new wireless charging, battery life span is getting reduced which I found based on my personal experience. I used to charge my iPhone on wireless chargers and the battery health done down … Read more