Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Is the AI Hype Worth

And yet, Samsung somehow manage to makes people up on that there stage—at Unpacked—could believe that its Galaxy S24 Ultra is something shiny, new. Not just it, it marks a fresh start of a completely new era for smartphones, as we knows it. A tall claim, it maybe, but one that seems totally believable for an unseen reason. Even if the secret ingredient— Galaxy AI— is a thing can’t even quantify.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra — the AI phone, right!

You see it, like Google, Samsung desires to peddle you an AI phone. Thus, there’s a pretty good reason why the chit-chat has shifted from core and megapixel counts to what this particular smartphone— the Galaxy S24 Ultra— can actually do, like, quickly, and lastly, whether it would make sense for the end-user. There’s no agreement with the jury on that last bit. Because as we expressed before, how do we even quantify something like AI in day to day life? What’s smart for some folk may be a needless contraption for others.

But if anyone can sell this idea, this concept, or whatever you wish to call it, it is Samsung. Not a single other brand has an alike scale (or recall). Not until Apple decides to launch an iPhone with a super-charged Siri someday. (We’ll see if that will happen). But it won’t be Google, definitely not with its current hardware plan or strategy.

Therefore, it doesn’t lose to Microsoft in the creative AI race all over again, it has entered into a beneficial relationship with Samsung. For Samsung, that means access to Google’s Gemini Pro and Imagen 2 on Vertex AI to electrically power up the S24’s cloud-based generative AI features and Gemini Nano for on-device tasks. Hence, also getting first dibs at cool features like Circle to Search. For Google, it becomes a hotbed of data and testing as Samsung is in no mood to keep Galaxy AI a S24 exclusive for long. The chance to make money from all this, is also in the cards. Win-win situation, I say!

Is Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra worth its prize?

As for the burning question of what this smartphone — the Galaxy S24 Ultra – can do, how much juice it’s got, lots, it seems, and faster than a Google Pixel 8 Pro. AI conveniences are just scattered all over Samsung’s OneUI 61, not just in one or two parts. Moreover! from letting AI add and remove items from your photos and generating your own personal wallpapers: your phone can act as an interpreter or translator, it can note-take and format and summarize them. recording and transcription of audio into other languages; even suggest text tonality so your messages seem like they are chill or professional depending on the target of your message.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra — a knight in shining armor, ain’t it?

Just due to you being the proud owner of the phone it, doesn’t mean you have to put these features to use. (For privacy concerns, you can just as well flip the toggle to process data on device and be more selective in its usage.) On flip side, you would not purchase the S24 Ultra for these features only (especially, the S23 Ultra). There are other reasons lineup too. Come, let us be candid, they may not be must haves, but it’s there to make the S24 Ultra worth the higher asking price.

The build is better with Corning Gorilla Glass Armor, we are not able to inspect its sturdiness and frailty at this point of course. The latest Corning glass introduces a significant improvement on the display side. It’s like a shining rainbow reducing glare by a substantial margin. The sides are —now— made of Titanium alloy, like the iPhone 15 Pro, it doesn’t help reduce weight but Samsung claims this makes the S24 Ultra the toughest Galaxy phone ever. Also, it refuses to pick up as many prints like an iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Specs Looks Impressive

  • The panel of the screen is more and more updates, totally flat, no roundness. Plus it can get brighter, till 2,600 nits (in contrast to 1,750 nits in the S23 Ultra). Paired with a silky smooth matte finish visuals on it look fabulous, from anywhere you see. The other specifics are as follows: 6.8-inch 1440p LTPO AMOLED with up to 120Hz refresh rate.
  • With the accommodating chip upgrade, Samsung opt to Qualcomm’s fastest chip on the block, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. Memory configurations go all the way up to 12GB/1TB. The battery’s capacity doesn’t waver at 5,000mAh. Same with the charging speeds: 45W wired, 15W wireless (without Qi2), and 4.5W reverse.
  • The main camera remains a 200-megapixel f/1.7, now it can also shoot 4k videos at 120fps. There is an added new 50-megapixel f/3.4 5x telephoto (replaces the S23 Ultra’s 10-megapixel 10x telephoto), keeping the 12MP ultra-wide and 10MP 3x telephoto from last year. The front camera is still 12-megapixel, having autofocus.
  • The S24 Ultra allows you to flip between all the cameras, front and back, while recording 4K@60fps videos, in the moment. Super HDR shows an HDR preview within the camera app’s viewfinder, even before you’ve clicked a photo. (The S24 Ultra leads the world in uploading HDR photos on Instagram.
  • Wi-Fi 7 and the UWB are handy additions, so is USB Type C Gen USB 3.2 Gen 1. (Gen 2 would be, well, nicer, I suppose!)

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is available in choices of 12GB/256GB, 12GB/512GB, and 12GB/1TB for Rs 1,29,999, Rs 1,39,999, and Rs 1,59,999 in India. That is 5,000 bucks higher than the launch cost of the S23 Ultra. But again, a blend of fine specs and clever software tricks with Samsung’s overwhelmed support of up to seven years, Galaxy S24 Ultra a persuasive hardware proposition and a potential equalizer of generative AI.

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