Is Logitech F710 Wireless GamePad Good For Gaming

Logitech F710 Wireless GamePad

Logitech F710 Gamepad is a native-style 2.4 GHz wireless controller for PC Gaming. This plug and play wireless Gamepad comes with a 4 Switch D-Pad with imprecise control. It’s D-pad glides over 4 individual switches resulting in a more responsive and tactile feel. You can enjoy gaming on TV through Steam Big Picture using this classic designed Logitech F710 Gamepad. Logitech F710 is powered through AA batteries and in my experience the battery life on this device is exceptional.

Is Logitech F710 Wireless GamePad Good For Gaming
Logitech F710 Wireless GamePad

Is F710 Gamepad Chromebook certified

F710 Wireless Gamepad is part of Logitech’s G gear which means it’s Chromebook certified and should work with chrome books seamlessly. Personally I used this controller with my different gaming laptops and it worked without any major issues. This controller also works with Android TV and Logitech specifically mentioned Sony Android TVs.

Why to chose Logitech F710 over Logitech F310 Gamepad

The main reason to chose F710 over F310 is its wireless capability. When it comes to gaming using a controller, its always better to go for wireless options. You are restricted to sit close to the gaming consoles or Gaming PCs using a wired controller. Logitech’s F310 gamepad is a good wired option for a cheaper price compared to F710 but you have to trade off for comfort. Most people prefer playing games on larger displays so having a wireless gamepad is vital so you can sit at a viewable distance. This also gives you the freedom to easily move around and avoid unintentional interruption.

What’s in the box for F710 wireless gamepad

In the box, you’ll have the wireless controller or joystick, 2.4 Ghz USB-A nano receiver, extension cable and the manuals. You also get a pair of AA batteries. The extension cable is to extend the range of the controller if needed. Logitech F710 gamepad comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty here in united states.

Gaming Experience with F710 Controller

I played FIFA, Battlefield and few racing games using this gamepad and it was a good experience. It’s comfortable and easy on hands to game for a long duration. Controls were accurate and I didn’t find any lag during my experience with this controller. It has a good vibrations for racing and other action games. It’s powered using AA batteries which lasts quite longer around 6 months in my case. I haven’t tried using it with Steam games or an android TV but its a solid choice for PC Gaming.

Occasional Glitches and how to fix issues in F710 Gamepad

I’ve seen in some instances where the gamepad isn’t recognized or it doesn’t work when I launch a new game. So the easiest fix for these issues with Logitech F710 is to re-connect the USB Nano receiver and it has fixed my issues 100% of the time. Other suggestions to fix F710’s connection issues is to restart the PC. You can also check if there is a latest device driver for this controller under Device Manager setting.

Final Thoughts on Logitech GamePad F710

If you are someone like me who likes a Gaming PC than the Gaming consoles like XBOX or PS5, this is a great accessory to enhance your gaming experience. Especially for games like Fifa 2022 or other sports or racing games, Joystick or a gaming controller is a must. I highly recommend to get a wireless gamepad for PC Gaming over the wired ones as it makes the gaming so much better. Hope this post is helpful and let me know if you would like to know anything else about these controllers or any other gadgets.

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