Is ASUS ROG Phone 5 a Good Phone

Introduction on ROG Phone 5s

ASUS ROG is a known name in Gaming Laptops. So ROG Phone 5s is evident that it’s meant for gaming. Let’s review the new ROG Phone 5S and probably the best thing about this phone is quite a bit of an upgrade over the regular ROG Phone 5. With most of the changes being done on the inside of this Phones. Phone 5S has Snapdragon 888+ and not the regular 888.

This newer chip is not yet available in any other phones at the moment.  We can take a closer look at the specs of this device. There are 3 variants one with 16GB of RAM and another one with 18GB of RAM. We have a very unique design which actually kind of looks like a gaming PC in a way. But that is something that you would expect from ROG and a very extreme gaming phone.

Unboxing Experience on ROG Phone 5s

The box contains magnets everywhere so you are getting a very high quality unboxing experience. We have the AKIRA branding which is kind of like a gaming character for ROG phone. Also on the inside of the box it says launch armory crate which is an app. Box basically tells you that you can scan these images which are AR based with your rog phone. We also get a very sturdy case which is less of an actual protective case and more of a design thing. Because there are so many openings on it that it’s really not going to protect your phone but it will showcase all the RGB lightings. It also comes with some ROG branded stickers on the other side of the box.

Is ASUS ROG Phone 5s a Good Phone for Non-Gamers
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Gaming Features on ROG Phone 5s

We get an external cooler which is something that we have seen being included in the rog phones. But this one in particular comes with a couple of added features which makes it a bit unique. Now this doesn’t actually have like a cooling pad in it. It does have a fan which turns on once you plug it in. If you see on the bottom we have a 3.5mm audio jack alongside two triggers which are on the actual fan and can be used while gaming and on the other side. We also see the USB C port further in the box. We also get some extra plastic tabs which are used to cover up the ports on the phone. These are included in case.

Is ASUS ROG Phone good for Non-Gamers

You don’t want to use this phone primarily for gaming and you won’t be using the external cooler. What you can do is basically is slide in the extra tabs so that you protect the phone from dust and any other foreign particles. We also get a 65 watt charger which is nice to see. I would like to point out here is that the charger has the ROG branding on it. The whole phone actually has rog branding on it which I think it’s important. Normally you get to see the name of the company. So in this case you would see an ASUS based charger but we get dedicated ROG branded accessories. The cable that we get is also very high quality and it is a braided cable which is very tough.

Design and Build of ROG Phone 5s

So if you yank it, it’s not going to break and again this has the ROG branding on the cable too. Design wise, I think this is a very good looking phone. The back has very high gloss finish and it is made up of glass. Front side has a glass panel whereas the frame of the phone is made up of aluminum. It is quite hefty to be honest. This is not a light phone in any way and one of the reasons for that is that this has two 3000 mAh batteries which are placed on each side of the phone. Actual components and the processor is located right in the middle and that’s where the external cooler is also placed.

Is ASUS ROG Phone 5s a Good Phone for Non-Gamers
Gaming on the Phone – ASUS ROG 5S

Once the phone is turned on we also get to see the RGB lighting on the actual fan. A small feature of this fan is that it comes with this stand that you can flip out and basically just put your phone on. You also get the RGB lightings on the actual phone which is illuminated through the dotted pattern. This phone has an in-display fingerprint scanner since this is an AMOLED display. The look and theme of the device is also based on a gaming phone. So you get to see a lot of red and a very dark theme that gives it a proper gaming device vibe on the side. We also get to see triggers which are mounted on each end of the phone and again. We can see even the triggers have the rog branding on them apart from that the phone comes with pressure point sensors.

How Good is ROG 5s Phone Display

Screen is an AMOLED display which comes with a fast refresh rate. It actually has 144 Hz fast refresh rate which is really awesome to your eyes. I also went ahead and did a benchmark test based on antutu and the score that it gave me was pretty heavy it clocked in at over 820 000 points. This number tells you that this device is a beast when it comes to performance. Another exciting thing is this phone comes with 16GB/18GB RAM. So there is another variant that comes with 18GB of RAM which in my opinion is overkill.

Average Camera Features on ROG 5S

On the camera side of things you won’t find anything very special and it’s kind of similar to what you would see on any existing ASUS phone. It doesn’t do a bad job at it at all but it’s something that you wouldn’t get excited over. Camera was clearly not the priority of this device. Now as far as the performance is concerned, we can actually play most mobile games in ultra HD settings without any lag at all. Now the triggers mentioned earlier which are provided on each end of the phone are also super responsive and they also provide a great haptic feedback. Every time they’re used so they vibrate whenever you’re using them.

Final Thoughts on ASUS ROG Phone 5s

Now one of the main questions is should you buy it and is it worth it? Well if you already have the previous variant which is a regular rog phone five then honestly there’s no need for an upgrade. This phone is overkill and the main difference in this phone is the snapdragon 888+ which is an internal change. Yes it is super-fast but even the regular ROG phone 5 is more than enough to do the job and do some serious gaming. If you’re thinking that you want to buy this ROG Phone 5S because of the external cooler then I may have some bad news for you. It actually isn’t that effective.

This is more of a gimmick because it doesn’t have a condenser which is what you would actually want in a cooler. It would have been great to see something like we saw on the black shark phones. Also if you’re worried about the headphone jack and the triggers being on the cooler then you already have those on the phone. Sim card slot is really cool the way that it felt and the way that it popped out because it kind of gives you like a mechanical feeling.

This phone actually comes with single sim and dual sim variant so depending on where you are located. You can either get the single sim or the dual sim variant. Let me know your thoughts on the phone.

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