Can iPad Air 5 be Better than iPad Air 4

There are rumor leaks and speculation about the next iteration of the most popular iPad in apple’s iPad lineup. Let’s look at the five most anticipated features based on leaks and speculations that’s available on the internet. I will go through from number five to number one of my most anticipated features and will give those a probability score out of ten. The higher the score the more chances there are that we’re going to see this feature in the next iPad air 5. iPad air 4 had a complete redesign in 2020 and it borrowed all the essential features from its bigger brother.

What Should we expect in March Apple Event

The iPad pro giving us all screen design apple pencil gen 2 support USB type-C port, stereo speakers and topping it all up with bright new colors. The iPad air 4 really is that perfect iPad and it is the best iPad which anyone needs. So the next iteration iPad air 5 certainly seems interesting. Even though the update will mostly feel like a iterative one rather than a complete overhaul the iPad air 5. Along with the new iPhone SE models are rumored to be announced in March. Now apple certainly has broken the upgrade cycle of the iPad air as the actual one-year upgrade date was in October 2021.

Can iPad Air 5 be Better than iPad Air 4
iPad Air 4

But chip shortages has definitely thrown a spanner into the time scales and it does make it difficult for us buyers. Especially if you are in the market for a new iPad. If you are after an iPad air 4 then unless you’re getting a killer deal I recommend do not buy one until this March event is done.

Top 5 Rumored Features Expected in iPad Air 5

No 5. Everyone after faster connectivity speeds on the go will be glad with this edition 5g is present on the less expensive iPad mini 6 and the iPad pro as well. So it is given that 5g will be added to the iPad air 5. Even though if you need it or not 5g at this point is like the natural evolution process. I’m going to give it a probability score of 10 out of 10.

No 4. Center stage functionality to the front camera center stage is this ultra-wide view. It’s added to the front camera where the camera automatically pans along with you to keep you in the center of the frame when doing video calls. iPad air is the only iPad in the entire lineup which currently doesn’t have this functionality. So most certainly this feature will be included in the iPad air 5. Again this gets a probability score of 10 out of 10.

Can iPad Air 5 be Better than iPad Air 4
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No 3. New colors or at least a new color see at this point. A new iteration of apple product without a fun new color is almost not possible. So we might see that new purple shade which the iPad mini 6 came in or even maybe a product red shade. How cool would that be? The probability score for the new color I’m going to give it a 7 out of 10.

No 2. A15 bionic chip under the hood – the a15 processor is the excellent 6 core CPU processor based on 5 nanometer architecture which was in the recently released iPhone 13 series and the iPad mini 6. Apple might even configure this similar to the iPhone 13 pro series where it has 5 core GPU for better graphical capabilities. The probability score on this one is again 10 out of 10.

No 1. My most anticipated feature of the iPad air 5 is actually 128 GB base storage. The biggest issue with the iPad air 4 which I had was that base 64 GB storage. Especially when the iPad air 4 saw a $100 price increase compared to the previous iPad air 3.

Final Thoughts of upcoming iPad Air 2022

Added to that there was no mid-tier 128 gigabyte storage option for like extra 50 or 60 bucks. The only other configuration available is 256 GB. Then it skyrockets the price of the iPad air to iPad pro territory. Now paying over $700 for an iPad air is not really ideal. As at that price point it’s better to go for the excellent iPad pro. I know you lose a bit of that extra 128 GB storage but you get the excellent M1 chip with double the RAM, better camera system and that amazing 120 hertz promotion display.

Can iPad Air 5 be Better than iPad Air 4
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So this time around I’m hoping for that base storage of the iPad air for to be increased to 128 GB or at least it should be offered for about $50 dollars more. So that’s the main list of speculation which is spreading across the internet. I have ranked the features according to the most desirable one according to me. We might also see a better rear camera system with new iPad Air. Maybe even the addition of flash and probably new accessories and new color cases. Let me know what’s your best anticipated feature in next iPad Air.

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