Is Google Mesh Wi-Fi System Worth in 2022

Google Mesh Wi-Fi systems were the first generation mesh Wi-Fi systems from Google. They are great looking routers which doesn’t look like a networking equipment. Modern Wi-Fi routers are all good and if it’s particularly from Google, then it has to be a reliable Wi-Fi router. Does it meets the expectations now in 2022 and beyond? Let me share my thoughts in this article.

Is Google Mesh Wi-Fi System Worth in 2022

Google Mesh Wi-Fi Specs

These are Dual Band routers which can clock up to 1200 Mbps speed. This speed is ample for most users unless you demand a data intensive tasks. For home use, Google’s AC1200 Mesh Wi-Fi routers are a great choice. It’s overage is 1500 sq ft for 1 unit, 3000 sq ft for 2 units and 4500 sq ft for 3 units. In my usage, I was using 2 units in my home and it was almost covering the entire home without any dead spots.

Does Google Mesh Wi-Fi work with Nest Wi-Fi Routers

There is no color choice in this model unlike the Nest Wi-Fi and it comes in white color units. Another big advantage with this Google Mesh Wi-Fi is each unit can act as a stand alone Router. Also you can use it as an additional extender with any Nest Wi-Fi system which is upward compatible. Currently it’s priced at $99 for one unit and $199 for 3 router sets here in United States.

Is Google Mesh Wi-Fi System Worth in 2022

How to install New Google Mesh Wi-Fi system at home

There are 2 ports at the back of the router. One of the port is a LAN port and the other one is WAN port. You can to plug in the connection from your ISP Modem to the WAN port on Google Wi-Fi Router. And once you see a white stable led on Wi-Fi router, you can try connecting it through Google Home App. It’s available in play store as well as App Store. You will be asked to scan the QR code on back of the router and once it’s done your internet connection should be up and running.

Note: This is the same procedure to setup Google Nest Wi-Fi.

How to update Firmware on Google Wi-Fi Routers

Is Google Mesh Wi-Fi System Worth in 2022

One big advantage with Google Routers are it’s so simple and convenient to maintain. Once you setup, there are no additional things for you to worry about and it will be up and running. Firmware on these Google routers will be automatically installed when available and it won’t interfere during normal hours.

Should you Buy Google Wi-Fi over Nest Wi-Fi

If you’re on a tighter budget and not in need of a super speedy internet at home, you can get Google Wi-fi over nest Wi-Fi. Another big advantage with Google Wi-Fi are the connection point’s ability to act as a router. Another advantage is the ability to add Google Wi-Fi routers as connection points with Nest Wi-Fi router. During my usage, I never felt any lag or speed drop with Google Wi-Fi and it was super convenient with Google Home access.

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