Why I love my 2015 MacBook Pro in 2023

2015 MacBook Pro is one of the classic models of MacBook with a glowing Apple Logo on the laptop lid. It’s been a great experience using this device for a long time now. It has a perfect size of 13 inch which is very travel friendly. Even in 2022 I still use my 2015 MacBook Pro for most of my daily work as it’s one of the finest device I ever owned. Before getting this device, I used to own a 2014 MacBook Pro which I still have it and using it as a secondary device.

What’s the biggest plus of 2015 MacBook Pro

Specifically I’m talking about the 13-inch model of 2015 MacBook Pro but it almost applicable for the 15-inch. This MacBook is very reliable machine which handles any task I through at it easily. I use it for lot of typing, media consumption, Documents editing and video editing for my youtube. It’s perfect size allows me to carry around easily and it’s battery easily outshines any windows laptop even for 2022 standards.

Why I love my 2015 MacBook Pro in 2022
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Below are some of it’s biggest Pros in 2015 MacBook Pro:

  • Keyboard is fantastic for long hours of typing. It’s one of its kind from 2013 – 2015 models.
  • Better SSD speed compared to earlier versions and overall faster Machine.
  • Crisp Retina Display with color accurate calibration.
  • Glowing Apple Logo on the back is something I really love.
  • Much Faster Video Processing (limited to 1080p) compared to most Windows Laptops.
  • MagSafe 2 Charger which protects from accidental drops.

Areas where 2015 MacBook Pro Lags

I wouldn’t call these as negatives but If you nit pick you can find some short comings with any device and 2015 MacBook Pro is not an exception. So below are some of the areas where you can feel it’s dated and lags in some areas.

  • No USB-C charging which is a must in 2022 standards.
  • Thick Bezels on its display showing older design.
  • Lags when editing 4K videos as the processor is few generations old.
  • RAM is soldered in these models so you cannot upgrade the memory.
  • Newer MacBook Models sound much better with good bass.
  • Mediocre Front Camera for video calls.

Final Thoughts on 2015 MacBook Pro

Why I love my 2015 MacBook Pro in 2022

For the price that you can buy it now in 2022, this MacBook offers a lot of value. Especially for buyers on a budget, this is going to be an excellent choice and suits well for Students or Beginners in Content Creation or Writing. It has decent specs, good screen and a great battery life. I firmly believe this MacBook still has a lot of life left in it. This is one of the main reason for Apple products to be famous all over the world.

Ultimately, the reasons you love your 2015 MacBook Pro are unique to you. Whether it’s the familiar keyboard, the rock-solid build, or the sentimental attachment, it’s clear this laptop holds a special place in your heart. And that’s something to be appreciated in an age of rapid technological change.

So, keep rocking your 2015 Pro! Embrace its quirks, cherish its reliability, and enjoy the sweet spot of functionality and nostalgia it offers. It’s a testament to Apple’s design and engineering, and a reminder that sometimes, good things don’t need an upgrade.

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