How Good Is Dell G16 Gaming Laptop

Is Dell G16 Gaming Laptop worth the price tag? Let’s see in this article. This Thanksgiving I was planning to buy a gaming laptop for less than $1000 and was looking mostly Dell and Lenovo models. There were couple of choices in Dell within my budget and those are G15 and G16 laptops. G15 was on sale for $699 but the striking deal to me was Dell G16 laptop which is a 16 inch screen laptop with 16:10 aspect ratio.

How Good Is Dell G16 Gaming Laptop

Dell G15 Laptop Specifications

It has 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD storage. G16 Model that I got has a 12th generation intel core i7 processor and Nvidia RTX3050Ti 4GB Graphics card. It doesn’t look very gamer style and more of a black and greyish build which is my preference. Also this model has a 1440p display with 165hz refresh rate which is great for gamers.

This Dell G16 Laptop was priced at $899 after the Black Friday discount. For this price point, it looks a great deal to me. Dell G16 is available in other configurations with a higher storage, intel core i9 processor and advanced 6GB Graphic card options. Currently the $899 deal is expired and in fact it was opened late around 1PM on Black Friday. But I strongly believe more deals on G16 will come between now and New Year.

How Good Is Dell G16 Gaming Laptop

Ports in Dell G16

Dell G16 has a lot of ports from HDMI, USB 3.0, USB-C and thunderbolt ports. It also has the LAN port which is missing in most of the modern laptops. Another great aspect about this laptop is most of the ports are placed behind the screen and it’s super helpful.

G16 Performance

In my usage, it’s running very cool even running some of the AAA titles in medium settings and eSports titles in high settings. Screen looks very sharp with its 2160 pixels and the 165 Hz display is a must have for gaming. Audio is mediocre but that’s the purpose of this laptop. Keyboard and Touchpad are nice and easy to use for long hours. Keyboard has deep key travel and gives comfort.

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