Is iPhone XS worth it in 2023 and Beyond

Introduction: Apple iPhone XS

Apple iPhone XS is one of the very popular iPhones that got released so far. I’ve owned iPhone XS for more than 2 years and very happy with it’s performance. When iPhone X was released in 2017, it’s new design was disrupting smartphones and it was quite popular. Next year in 2018, apple released iPhone XS with A12 bionic processor, 4GB of RAM and a little bit better display and camera. It still had the same design, metal body and a great form factor. Let’s discuss it’s pros and cons in 2023 and beyond.

Is iPhone XS worth it in 2022 and Beyond
Apple iPhone XS

Who Should Buy iPhone XS in 2023

If you are someone who doesn’t game too much or doesn’t need all the latest and great iPhone features. For example, you doesn’t mind not having a 4K option in front camera or a wide angle camera on the rear. If you aren’t someone who doesn’t bother mobile phone specs like latest bionic processor or a 120hz refresh rate display. Also if you want to have some of the below features, then iPhone XS is for you to buy in 2023.

Top Reasons to Buy iPhone XS in 2023

  • Perfect form factor for one handed use due to its light weight. You’ll never feel the phone’s weight on your wrist with one handed use.
  • OLED screen with crisp images
  • Apple’s top notch Face ID and face unlock features.
  • Guaranteed 2 to 3 years of iOS support.
  • Very capable 12 MP camera with excellent video capabilities. It shoots excellent pictures in ample lighting conditions.
  • Solid build which has a aluminum coating and great to hold.
  • a phone with decent battery life (assuming you’re buying new or refurbished which has 100% battery capacity)

What you will miss from iPhone XS in 2023 and beyond

As it’s an old phone that’s from 4 years ago, you will see occasional slow down or lag with the applications and general usage. There are many new features that got released recently and the older iPhones may not be capable to handle it.

Is iPhone XS worth it in 2022 and Beyond

Below are the main features that I miss personally –

  • Higher refresh rate display as the 60hz doesn’t help in 2022 standards.
  • Processing speed as the processor is not handling newer games very well.
  • Cameras – new iPhone cameras comes with cutting edge features, better lenses and excellent picture quality. Especially the night sight makes you feel you still got an old iPhone. Also the front facing 7MP camera doesn’t get 2022 standard selfies.
  • Enhanced battery life which get you through more than a day with a single charge.

Final Thoughts on iPhone XS in 2023

If you are on a budget and want to try iPhone with a budget, iPhone XS can be a great device. It’s still very capable and has most of the greatest iPhone features. It’s design is modern, display is great and still covered for two or three years of iOS upgrades.

It has a great advantage of having 4GB RAM that gives you a boost compared to other older iPhones. You will love the form factor and light weight design of iPhone XS as it’s great for one handed use. Let me know your thoughts on iPhone XS. Another alternative to iPhone XS if you want a better camera performance, its worth considering iPhone 11 Pro in 2023.

Buying an iPhone XS in 2023 can still be a viable option if you prioritize cost-effectiveness and are content with its performance and feature set. However, if you desire the latest features and a longer period of software support, you may want to consider a newer iPhone model. It’s recommended to research and compare the specifications and prices of different iPhone models available at the time of your purchase to make an informed decision that aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

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