Is NOTHING PHONE Worth it for $449

New talk of the (tech) town is about new android phone brand called “Nothing”. They are introducing their first smartphone called Nothing Phone(1). Yes their branding and the UI looks unique and different. It makes me feel like a retro and tech savvy UI on their website. They already have some products released like their noise cancelling earbuds called nothing ear(1).

Nothing company is located in London, UK and it’s founder Carl Pei is one of the co-founder of OnePlus. So there are a lot of similarities with Nothing Phone Launch and OnePlus phone launch. This time though they are not going for flagship segments and targeting the mid range market.

Nothing Phone Announcement Date

On July 12, 2022 at 16:00  BST they are announcing the specific details of the phone like detailed specs, features on the phones and pricing. The specification of Nothing Phone(1) has been out in many websites and YouTube channels. The new design in this phone is the LED notification on it’s back. MKBHD has put up a video showing the features of its back panels. It’s very different and unique.

Is the new Android phone NOTHING PHONE(1) Worth it
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This phone reminds me of the other brand called Essentials a couple of years ago. I really liked that phone which has basic design and branding with clean android and decent specs. Nothing Phone(1) also seems to be like OnePlus or Essentials which tries to get the market share of mid range phones at this time. Based on the success of this phone, we can expect a more versatile line up of devices from Nothing Phone. Also the design with rounded edges makes it feel more like iPhones too.

NOTHING PHONE(1) Hardware Specifications

Specifications wise, Nothing Phone(1) has a mid range processor, OLED display with 120 Hz, 8GB /12GB RAM options and storage options up to 256GB. It has decent camera specifications on paper but we’ll have to wait and see how it performs. Based on the specs, it seems to be a decent mid range device and if it comes with a competitive price point this will be a great competitor. The stand out feature on this phone is the back panel notification LEDs.

Nothing Phone Hardware Specs

Is the new Android phone NOTHING PHONE(1) Worth it

How much does Nothing Phone costs

Nothing Phone is on waitlist in USA currently as per their website but it was launched at $499 for the base variant. For higher storage variants it costs a little extra like other phone manufactures. For this price point, its very competitive in the mid range smartphone segment.

Is Nothing Phone runs on Android

Looking at the OS that came preinstalled in Nothing phone seems more like a Google Pixel. It has the vanilla android experience without any fancy UI’s or skins on top of it. It reminds me of using a Motorola or a Google phone. It’s not nothing and actually Something 🙂

Should you Buy Nothing Phone at $449

Does this phone offers a great value at $449? It’s debatable. As there are many good mid range phones offer good value at these price point. Phones like iPhone SE 2022, Samsung A53, Google Pixel 6A or even Pixel 6 is available at this price.

Being a new phone, there will be limited repair options and delays with getting repairs and replacements will be one of my main concern. If you want to stand out from the crowd and try something new, this is a great choice at this price.

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